Interesting Sharks – Fun tidbits & Memory Game – Shark Week 2017

I collaborated with the local artist The Madcat_her (@themadcat_her on Instagram) to bring you this fun Shark Memory game with fun tidbits of information.



We gathered the information for these cards from Wikipedia.  We do not claim all of these pieces as facts.  We only gathered this information in this way.  Please be polite if you find a discrepancy and feel free to email me any new/correct information (with a link to source).  I would be glad to update the cards at my convenience.  I will, however, not tolerate any rudeness or ill manners.  Do not email me with rude comments.  This was just a quick – for fun type game.  I am completely open to correcting anything.  But as stated, I did not come up with this information and I used the best source I could for this quick type game.  I will accept any nicely handled corrections.  Thank you!




Shark Card Game

Attached you will find a pdf of the Shark cards.  Just print the file once as I have already duplicated the cards in the file.  I would print them on heavy white card stock or on regular paper and glue to another dark or heavy card stock or chipboard piece.

Shark matching cards


Please remember my copyright and usage clause.  You may use any of my free printables for personal use only.  You may not resale them in any way, sort or fashion – whether digital or physical.  You may also not use any piece or portion of the art in any new way or part of any other digital design or collaboration.  The art may not be tampered with and must stay in it’s original form.  Please also remember to credit and refer others back to us when you use these pieces – especially when posting online or on any social media.  We appreciate your respecting our policies on this.  Thank you!


Finding Dory – FREE inspired printables

Finding Dory comes out this Friday, June 17.  We are super excited about this around here.  We are even gearing up for our own watch party with a drive in / after swim party.  In honor of this, I made a free fun party printables for our party.  But since I am waiting to display our party for a week or two, I didn’t want to make all of you wait that long for the FREE printables that I made – just in case you are having your very own watch party!  I will later post pictures of our own setup of these printables, but for now here are the files for you to enjoy!!

Cupcake Toppers

Print on cardstock, trim around each of the toppers leaving a white edged border, and glue a lollipop stick, straw, or toothpick to the back of the toppers.

Dory cupcake toppers


Character Pennants Pieces for a character banner

Just trim around each of the banner pieces.  Also note the accessory files that follow each of these two character files (with 4 characters).  You will trim those out and tape or glue them from the backside of the pennant piece.

Dory inspired pennants 2

Dory inspired pennants 1


Pennant Accessory Pieces

Trim each of these pieces out and glue/tape them to the back of the matching character pennant.

Dory inspired pennants accessories


Character Treat/Favor Boxes

The next four files are mini character treat/favor boxes.  Simply cut them out, score on the bottom of the front of the box (at the bottom of each face where line is and also score at same spot on side flaps).  Then again score at bottom of back side along with flaps.  And score vertically on bottom piece lined up with each side of the face.

Dory inspired favor boxDory inspired favor box 4Dory inspired favor box 3Dory inspired favor box 2


Mini Character Choco Wraps

Print on either plan paper and then trim, wrap and secure with tape.  Or print on sticker stock, trim, and wrap around mini chocolates.


Dory choco wraps

To download these files, simply click on the image to pull it up to full screen.  Then right click the full screen image and click save file image to your hard drive.


Also, please note the following:

There are characters that inspired this artwork.  I lay no claim to those characters or to the rights of them.  There is no transfer of ownership of the rights of those characters.  The rights of those characters remain with their respective owners.

Please note that this particular arrangement of artwork is copyrighted by Shawna Fisher 2016.  You are allowed to use this art for your own personal projects and pieces.   You are not allowed to re-use this art for business purposes or to sell this art in any fashion – physical or digital.  The rights to this art remain with me – Shawna Fisher.  Please do not share this file, but direct others back to this link.  If you do use this file and post pictures or use it in a public fashion – I simply request that you give credit back to me.  If posted online, please use a link back to my blog/page.  If you are a stylist or planner, you may use this file – FREE OF CHARGE TO YOUR CUSTOMER – as long as you credit me and my blog/page for the files.  Please do not take credit and/or charge for my artwork or my files.

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