Interesting Sharks – Fun tidbits & Memory Game – Shark Week 2017

I collaborated with the local artist The Madcat_her (@themadcat_her on Instagram) to bring you this fun Shark Memory game with fun tidbits of information.



We gathered the information for these cards from Wikipedia.  We do not claim all of these pieces as facts.  We only gathered this information in this way.  Please be polite if you find a discrepancy and feel free to email me any new/correct information (with a link to source).  I would be glad to update the cards at my convenience.  I will, however, not tolerate any rudeness or ill manners.  Do not email me with rude comments.  This was just a quick – for fun type game.  I am completely open to correcting anything.  But as stated, I did not come up with this information and I used the best source I could for this quick type game.  I will accept any nicely handled corrections.  Thank you!




Shark Card Game

Attached you will find a pdf of the Shark cards.  Just print the file once as I have already duplicated the cards in the file.  I would print them on heavy white card stock or on regular paper and glue to another dark or heavy card stock or chipboard piece.

Shark matching cards


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Luau themed Rehearsal Dinner Setup


Luau themed Rehearsal Dinner Setup

This was a last minute styling I did to help out a friend who was putting on a rehearsal dinner and needed some extra “flair” at the last minute.

I setup 3 different tables:  a main sweets table, a chocolate fountain treats table, and a beverage station.

DSC_0142 DSC_0141

The main table featured mini cheesecakes the hostess provided.  There were also mini oreo truffles made into the shape of volcanos “erupting”.


And we had “inner tube” Gummy watermelon rings.


And Gumball Pearls

And Fruit Slice Candy


And Tiki totem pretzels and colorful shot glasses of jello made of sparkling juice and jello mix and topped with whipped cream and blue sugar sprinkles.  The jello shots were of course kid friendly!! I mean come on, jello is for kids!!

And I found the tiny silver spoons at the Dollar Tree as well.  And colorful circular placemats too! If you aren’t shopping at your local Dollar Tree (or dollar store) for party goods – you really need to jump on that bandwagon because there are some deals to be made!!


The Beverage Station where they served Sweet tea, Pineapple Tropical Punch, Water Bottles, and Lagoon Water Punch.

The Tropical punch was made from a jug of orange juice, a jug of Hawaiian pineapple coconut juice, 1 can pineapple juice, 2 cans of frozen orange juice to make it a little slushy, and one can of sliced pineapples, juice and all and a little over half a bottle of 7 up.

My Lagoon Water punch was made from 2 cans of frozen lemonade (1 per dispenser -in small dispensers shown), and 3/4 bottle of 7 up per can/dispenser.  I then put a few drops of blue food coloring to make it appear as blue water (not shown in below picture as that one was taken before the food coloring).  We also had wrapped water bottles stacked in a blue plastic tub slightly filled with ice water to cool them off.  We placed stickers on our cups that matched the cones, and bottle wraps in the wooden hibiscus themed printables.

The hostess purchased straws with umbrellas on them at the Dollar Tree.

Also purchased from the dollar tree were all of the summer platters in the bright patterns, the tropical flowers, the nets, the brightly colored plastic tiki cups, and even the tiki head decorations on the sides of the main table.  Some of the leis were purchased from Dollar Tree, and some were purchased by the hostess from oriental trading .com.

All of the fern leaves and palm leaves were also from the Dollar Tree.



I made a name banner in my Tiki head design.   I also printed out some print of bamboo and glue and taped them to a piece of coroplast that I folded over at the top (by slightly cutting and scoring).  I then attached some grass skirts to the top of the overhang.  We had terrible humidity and heat that day and it sort of made the back drop droop as the night went on – but it was still pretty cute!

Chocolate fountain table.

We served nutter butters, marshmallows, pretzels, pink sugar wafer cookies, and fruit kabobs to dip into the chocolate fountain. And the cute little “Surf’s Up” sign is also from the Dollar Tree!!


We served Game Day Popcorn’s delicious Kettle Corn in faux wood design and hisbiscus flowered cones.


We got this super cute Tiki Bar sign from Party City!  We placed it on the wall just behind the beverage station.



The fruit kebobs were displayed by skewering them into a real pineapple and then we served grapes, and other fruit surrounding the platter at the bottom.



The table was a big success – especially  so last minute!  And it was a lot of fun to put together!  I love summer parties!   Next up I will be doing something very similar but just slightly different and with a more beachy theme for my daughter’s Teen Beach 2 movie premiere!
Printables by Water Walker Events

Kettlecorn by Gameday Popcorn in Jenks