Batman Inspired Teen Birthday Party

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This party was for a fun fifteen year old girl – who still loves super heroes!  The party was designed and styled by Water Walker Events along with designing many of the paper graphics used in the party.  The party was based off inspired Batman characters – with original art designed.

The party was held at a local pizza joint for a luncheon – right before heading off to a movie.  The sweets table featured a black backdrop draped with a bat cape inspired name banner and yellow tassels. 

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Each side of the table sported a tall cityscape treat tower – which held all our cupcakes wrapped in their custom designed character inspired wraps and toppers. 

These inspired characters toppers were made to reflect the characters of Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Two Faced, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Penguin and Harley Quinn. 

The center of the table held a home made cake that was drizzled with chocolate and topped with heaping handfuls of delicious Sweets Indeed’s Candyfetti!  The front was decorated with chocolate bars – yellow chocolate painted to look like lit up skyscrapers.  The cake was topped with one of our batman head inspired graphics.

To the left side of the cake was a jar full of “poison ivy” skewers – made of green apple sour strips and topped with one of our “poison ivy” graphics. 

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On either side of the cake were displayed Rice Krispie treats that were half dipped in white and dark chocolate – to represent Two Face – and were topped with some of our custom designed Two Face inspired toppers.

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Also on the left side of the cake were our batman inspired plastic treat containers that held layered yellow and black chocolate candies.  These were topped with our inspired Batman mask graphics and Batman cape inspired backers.

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To the front on each side of the cake, were some batman signal inspired cookies made by a local cookie artist – Cookies by Mandy, Mandy Horner

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We also served some of Water Walker Event’s oreo truffles – in front of our cake. 

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And dipped and drizzled pretzels were also made by Water Walker Events.

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In front of our pretzels, were custom designed treat boxes that held matching colored (black and yellow) caramel balls from Oriental Trading Company.  These boxes were designed by Water Walker Events and are available in our online Etsy Shop as a download to craft yourself. The boxes also match our popcorn boxes designed also to look like cityscapes.

To the far left and the far right of the fronts of the table, there were jars of Penguins Minions – yummy peach flavored gummy penguins (these were so good and were found on Amazon!). 

The very front middle of our sweets table displayed mini chocolate bars wrapped in some of our personalized batman signal inspired mini choco wrappers. 

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A beautiful hand crafted paper fan banner with batman signal inspired graphics graced the front of our table. 

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And each  side of the table (on the ground) were placed round paper lanterns in glittered black and bright yellow.  Batman also  stood on guard next to our treat table.

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The eating tables were strung with black and yellow tissue garland from along with handmade yellow and black paper fans and tissue tassels and yellow tissue fans from oriental trading.

   We also tied several bouquets of yellow and black balloons down the middle of the tables.  The bunches were strung with mini handmade tissue tassels of black and yellow. 

Each place setting held a stacked black and yellow plate with the inspired battle signal graphic.  We also took plain black cups and placed the inspired bat signal logo.  Each cup held a yellow striped straw with a bat topper. 

Each setting also had a water bottle wrapped in our custom design batman chest inspired wrappers and topped with a batman head inspired topper and draped in one of our handcut felt batman cape inspired backers.  These capes were great as they doubled as a party favor to take home – to use on future bottles or for our younger guests, to act as a cape for dolls. 

Also at each place was one of our custom designed party treat boxes.  These were also inspired from the characters as well.  These boxes were all taken and designed after the characters of Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Two Faced, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Penguin and Harley Quinn.


Paper Graphics and Party Styling:  Water Walker Events (WWEDP)

Photography by Megan’s Many Memories

Batman signal inspired cookies by Cookies by Mandy

Sour Strip skewers:  WWEDP – sour strips from Amazon – toppers by WWEDP

Cupcake wrappers and toppers:  WWEDP

Tower treat holders:

Plastic Chocoloate treat holders:  Plastic holders from, graphics by WWEDP

Truffles, Cake, Cake Topper, Pretzels, RKT & toppers:  WWEDP

Gummy Peach Penguins:  Amazon

Caramel/gumball boxes:  WWEDP

Paper lanterns, tissue garland, tissue fans:



Team Go Party!

Pokemon Go – Team Go Party

Photography by the Amazing Megan from Megan’s Many Memories.

Vendor Details:

Party Printables and Décor:  Water Walker Events

Candyfetti:  Sweets Indeed

Pikachu and Pokeball Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sparklesbaby


This party featured and was centered around each of the three Pokémon Go Teams and their logos and colors.


This party was a simple and fun approach to a theme my son picked out. I am a firm believer in letting the child pick the theme of their party.  It is their special day and the whole point of the celebration is about theme.  So their party should only be reflective of that.  However, there are just some themes, let’s face it, that are harder than others, oftentimes because we as planners, don’t know much about them.  My children have always enjoyed Pokémon.  In fact, my son had already had a Pokémon party several years ago with the standard old school characters, games, etc.  But they have really enjoyed this new take on the original.  They love the scavenger hunt feel to the game.  It’s like a weird animal treasure hunt.  My sister even loves the game!  So when she suggested that Aidan (or herself, ha-ha) have a Pokémon Go party, my son LOVED the idea.  But figuring out how to keep the game aspect a part of the party was a little tricky.  We wanted to incorporate the actual game into the party and because we live in a rural area, we opted to host the dinner/sweets portion out at a restaurant.  Our local Pizza Hut was AMAZING to work with us!  I almost think (and jokingly said) that every party will now be held there (maybe I’m not joking that much!).  It was so nice not to have to scramble to get the party AND the house ready.  They allowed us to use their whole back area, let us come early to decorate, and let us stay there most of the night – all while taking care of our drink and pizza needs!  And their prices were incredibly reasonable!  Seriously, we will probably go there again.

We sent out invites letting everyone know to meet at the restaurant at a certain time (sharp!). Once everyone was there, we collected their points that they already had on their devices.  Then we gave everyone one hour to go and “collect” as many points as they could.  The 2 person team who had the most points gathered while gone was the winner.  However, again, since I personally don’t know anything about the game, and my kids are just now getting to know it themselves, there were tricky ways of gaining extra points along the way that other players had.  Smart strategizing on player’s parts ahead of time!!  So do your research before playing to try to make it as even a playing field as possible.  But also consider this – those who do their research AHEAD of time for something show wisdom!!  You could ENCOURAGE that in your guests (giving them hints that there are ways of getting an edge if they put themselves to it!).

We made each of the child guests a t-shirt of their current Pokémon Go Team. Since we didn’t have enough players of each of the different team, we just made two man teams.  Each guest was required to have their own parent driver and device with Pokémon Go already downloaded and ready to play.  We did have a few guests who did not have devices – so we did pair those with some of our guests who had one so that everyone had a chance to play (they took turns “catching).

Because I knew we would be limited on setup time (I had the hour they were gone), I kept this party setup a little more simple.  Plus, my boy doesn’t care quite as much about all the details, extras, and “fluff” that some of the bigger setups can have.  He just loves a good sweets table and some fun favors!


For our sweets table, I decided I would try to make a cake for him this year. I had seen some drip cakes with LOADS of candy and sweets piled on top and thought that would be a really fun addition.  And it was – until I left the cake in too hot a spot and it melted slightly and part of the back of the cake slid off into the bottom of the container!  Fun times!  But with a little “coaxing” and lots of icing glue, I was able to secure most of it back on and just throw gobs more candy over the top of it.  Plus, it helped that the slide was in the back of the cake so it made it a little less obvious (even if the cake still was a little crooked and we also had to put it in the freezer to help it set and stay – giving it a bit of a “wet” look).  In the end it was still adorable and the kids thought it was pretty cool with all of the candy loaded on top! Candyfetti from at Sweets Indeed was one of my favorite topping additions we put on the cake!  We also had purchased some cookies from Sparklesbaby and I used a couple of those to top the cake as well.  I made some large cracked chocolate slabs with Candyfetti sprinkled throughout by smearing black chocolate candy melts on waxed paper and then sprinkling the Candyfetti over it and placing it in the freezer to cool and harden.  I also bought a package of sour jelly beans and picked out our Team Go colors of the party and placed those around and on the cake – pulling in some of the color schemes of the party.  I also placed some of our sour lolly’s atop the cake, along with some of the red and white ring gummy candies we had (that I think look similar to a poke ball).


There were several other yummy items on our sweets table as well. We ordered some adorable poke ball donuts from our local Krispy Kreme.  These were a special order item that our local Krispy Kreme had made up just themselves.  They were delicious!  (I loved donuts – especially Krispy Kreme!).


There were also the fabulous chocolate covered Oreos that Sparklesbaby had made for us! We ordered some of the Pikachu Oreos and she was so sweet and threw in a few of her Poke ball Oreos as well!  These were a definite hit with the kids.  I displayed these atop a platter sprinkled with Candyfetti from Sweets Indeed.



I made some chocolate covered rice krispy treats in our 3 different team colors. I also sprinkled these with some of our Candyfetti.  I LOVE Candyfetti.  And I love how putting Candyfetti on several of our treats ties the sweet table together!  I usually will just buy a box of pre-made krispy treats to dip and sprinkle for my parties.  Even though making krispy treats can be fairly simple, it is one less thing that I have to worry about making (and making a mess with), and I am all about hitting the easy button where I can.  Each krispy treats was topped with one of my Team Go mini party flag toppers.



I have seen several candy shops featuring sour candy lolly’s. And I have always wanted to try them!  So I picked up a couple bags of the sour strip candy off of Amazon to make my own.  Mine weren’t as cleanly rolled as some I have seen.  I think with practice I could definitely get the hang of it though!  Plus, I could tell that it also depended on the quality of your sour strip.  The blue strips were a lot easier to work with – though they were the same brand.  They tended to be less wrinkled, had mostly full strips to work with, and didn’t fall apart.  The others were yellow and red striped and just didn’t want to hold together quite as well as the blue.  However, they still worked, still looked almost as fun, and they were completely as enjoyed as the others!  Those our lolly’s were probably the hit of the party!  I will certainly be making those again!!


I placed our sour lolly’s in 3 different candy bouquet displays on the table. I filled small round glass bowls in candies representing our 3 team colors in layers.  And then just placed the lolly’s in for a fun finished look!


Our sweets table also featured cupcakes in our team colors. I made cupcake wraps with our different team logos placed on the front.  And for the toppers, I made the Poke ball pinpoint symbol from the game and personalized it.  I loved how these turned out!


For the backdrop, I simply covered one of my small backdrop board with a black plastic table cloth. Then I made and printed out large prints of each of the three team logos and placed those across the backer.  I strung a name banner that I had made from the Poke ball pinner symbol.  This was a simple, easy, yet striking look for our sweets table background.


The table was covered in a simple black pin tuck tablecloth. And we draped my Team Go Birthday Banner across the front along with some handmade crepe paper tassels.  I loved this look!


On each side of the table, we placed a bouquet of balloons. We ordered two Pikachu balloons off of Amazon and then had them, and some of each of our team colors blown up at Wal-Mart.  We placed one of each color balloon with each bouquet, and placed the other single colored balloons across our kids eating table.


The guests eating table was covered in a couple black cloths. We placed a plain black round plate (for pizza) and topped that with some mini dessert plates that we had stickered with each of our team logos.  We scattered the table with different colors of the dessert plates to incorporate the 3 team colors throughout the table.  Each guest also had a black cup stickered with different colored team logos, and also had a water bottle that featured wraps with all three logos.  Each place setting also had a team shirt box with different team logos.  These acted as our fork and napkin holders for each table setting.  The kids were able to take these boxes home afterwards as well.  The table was scattered with plastic poke ball favors that we had filled with individual popcorn bags, a juice box, and a gummy fruity pack.  The favors were incredibly reasonable!  We picked up the poke ball (plastic red and white balls) from Party City.  We taped one edge of one of the sides with black tape (and trimmed so they would still close properly) and then placed one of our poke ball toppers on each one!  So easy and so super cute!  I had seen this party idea before on Pinterest and loved it and had to use it for our party!


Also across the table were scattered fun Pokémon character treats boxes. The kids were able to use these to fill extra treats in to take home!  I loved how each one looked on our table!  And I was super please with how cute they turned out!  I also placed 2” square cutouts of the 3 different logos all across the table as “confetti”.  And I also made some 2×3 logo decal stickers for the kids to take home as well.

Overall, this party was a huge success for us! It was so easy – from the setup, to the game, to the restaurant and people who worked with us!  And even though there was not a tremendous amount of costs, time, or details, the party looked and was incredibly fun!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Photography by:  Parrish Studios – Amber Parrish

(barring up close photo of cake, potion bottles, Cheshire cat suckers – those

were from our phones)

Overall table

Our Sweets Table!

The gorgeous cake was made by the talented Frosten‘s!  The backdrop was plywood backer board covered in a checkered cloth from Amazon . I was hoping for a larger checkered pattern, but when it came in, it was the little pattern.  But alas, it was cute anyway!  The table was laden with all sorts of sweets:  candyfetti, sugar cookies topped with toppers by My Artisan Bakery, pretzels filled in treats cups that I handmade out of our store’s Alice in Wonderland cupcake wraps and topped with the matching toppers, sour apple taffy from, sour fruit wedges, elegant fruit cups, pixie powder in mini shrunken bottles (my shop), Cheshire cat lolly’s (my shop), sixlets from, cake pops from Nibblerz, krispy treats, and more!


This cake from Frosten‘s is one of my favorite cakes of hers she has made for us and otherwise.  It turned out too cute and I love all the details that she put into it.


I ordered mini glass vial bottles and applied them with mini “Try Me” stickers.  We then filled them with pixie powder from pixie sticks.  These bottles can be purchased from my online store without filling.  They can be filled with juice or pixie powder or whatever you can fit and we can make the labels to read “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” or “Try Me” etc.


I ordered suckers off of Amazon from Birthday Express and added on some of my Cheshire Hat Graphic Toppers and Smiles.  These are also available for purchase in my shop.  You can purchase just the downloads and supply your own suckers.  Or you can purchase the suckers from me – all dressed up and shipped directly to you.

We had two long stretches of tables (2 tables per length) that we covered in bright, different colored cloths. We ran some more of the plastic checkered cloths down the center as table runners.  I had been gathering teapots and teacups at different vintage and thrift stores.  We put flower pinwheels across the table – from the Dollar Tree!  I placed a tall candle holder on each table length and placed a handmade paper mad hatter hat (larger version of the hats we made for our craft table made hatter hats below).  I also had several large glass vial bottles that I placed along the tables center to represent the “bottles” that Alice drank.

At each place setting I put a pocket watch print (printed on 12 x 18 cardstock and trimmed) as a paper charger and placed flowery plates atop the print.  These plates were purchased from the Dollar Tree!  I also placed a teacup at each place setting from the collection I had acquired from the different thrift and vintage stores.  Every child got to take home their own teacup.  I also made name cards for each of the place settings.  These namecards are available as a digital download in my shop for purchasing and printing at home.

We tied different brightly colored chair wraps on each of the guests’ chairs.  We also placed a large winged back chair at the end for the birthday girl – to mimic the animated classic cartoon’s tea party setup.  My darling husband, who is such a blessing to me when I need things for my parties, built some pvc pipe standees/holders where we strung paper lanterns that we purchased from oriental trading  To sort of “hide” the poles, I printed and placed Tolgy Wood signs up and down the poles.  These can also be purchased in a digital download format from my shop.

We also placed clocks here and there along the tables in odd ways – lending to the odd setup the March Hare and the Mad Hatter had in their own little unbirthday tea party.

I affixed “Drink Me” tags to the Glass Vial Bottles that were running along the center of our tables.  These can also be purchased from my online store as a digital download for printing at home.

On our sweets table we placed two white rabbits on each of the corners along with “red-painted” roses and a red paint tipped paint brush – as table side pieces.

We used fancy plastic goblets from the Dollar Tree to display cups of fruit for our guests.  These was an inexpensive way to add some fun and elegance to the setting.  And the kids loved eating out of “fancy” glasses.

Sugar cookies

We bought sugar cookies at our local grocer and topped them with these ADORABLE handmade fondant toppers from My Artisan Bakery.  The candyfetti was purchased from Sweets Indeed and is one of my favorite treats to serve at parties.

Playing card treats

These Krispy Queen’s Guards were adorable!  I just dipped store bought krispies, dipped them in melted almond bark, and then placed on card logos made from candy melts and a mold bought on Amazon.  These were placed on a bed of brightly colored candyfetti.  The faces for these cards can be purchased to make your own treats – in my online store as an instant download for printing at home.

You can also purchase the Alice inspired food labels in my store as well!

Cake Pops

These adorable cake pops were one of the highlights to our table!  Nibblerz did a fantastic job on them!  They were all so cute and added such a perfect detailed item to the table!

 We served buttered popcorn in these ice cream cups that matched our dining plates.  These were also purchased from the Dollar Tree.  The toppers were made from mini printable Tolgy wood signs that are available as digital downloads in my store.We placed carrots and a small shot glass of ranch dressing (in the middle) inside clear plastic mini bowls that were purchased from the Dollar Tree.  We also offered a tray of meats and cheeses.

We served Sweet and Unsweet Tea, water bottles wrapped in our Alice inspired bottle wraps (available in my online store), and also purple “Cheshire Cat’s” punch!

Beverages were served in these adorable balloon “dipped” milk bottle glasses.  We finished the glasses off by tying “drink me” tags an a little black bow on the straws.

Off to the side of the room we displayed our “mome raths” we had made from popsicle sticks, paint, googly eyes and feathers.  We also had a playing card Happy Birthday sign, and some fun party props to add some of the odd whimsy details from the cartoon.

We featured a craft table where the children were able to “paint” their own roses red.  I bought packs of gray plastic pots, squares of floral foam, bunches of white flowers, red ribbons, and red shreds – all from the Dollar Tree.  I cut the foam squares into fourths to make smaller square that would fit down into the bottom.  I then hot glued the foam square to the bottom of the pot.  And stuck in 3 different roses cut off of the bunches.  Then I covered the foam with red shreds and tied a red ribbon around the pot and secured it with hot glue in a few different places to hold it at top.  I then also put a personalized pick on the table so that when each child finished painting their roses, they could insert the pick and know just which one was theirs.  Overall this was a very cost effective craft as you would get about 2 pots worth of rose out of every bunch for $1.  And the pots came in packages of 3 for $1.  And the bag of shreds did several pots at once time.  The red ribbon did about 3 pots per $1.  and the foam squares were $1 each.  The red paint came from walmart.  And I also placed cups with water on the table for them to wash their brushes out.  I got a whole pack for only $1 at the Dollar Tree.  And the Dollar Tree also had the pack of bristle brushes that we also used for $1.


The kids also played flamingo croquet.  I printed out cardstock cards on 11×17 and taped them in an arch.  We bought a light weight plastic ball from Walmart.  I also found these adorable blow up flamingo toys that the kids used as their mallets from  The children loved running around and trying to whack the little ball under the cards.

We set up another craft area table to make our Mad Hatter Hats.  I had pre-crafted (printed, cut, and hot glued together) several different colored hats.  These were made from cardstock from my designed templates.  I also put little slits in the bottom where the children could insert headband through or they could attach a hair clip.  The boys used the hair clips so they wouldn’t show or have to wear headbands.

I bought a couple different packages of brightly colored headbands from the Dollar Tree.  They came several to a pack.  I also purchased plain colored hair clips so they would blend in for the boys.  I also placed spools of ribbon that I had purchased.  And I put spools of tulle that I already had leftover from some other craft projects.  I purchased fethers, and stick on gems, and washi tape from oriental trading .com.   I also provided glue dots for the items they needed to stick on.  I was also there with my hot glue gun in case there were any items that needed extra securing.  But I handled that so the kids wouldn’t get burned.

I designed mini character boxes for the kids to fill up with candy and treats to take home.  I also made larger character inspired bags for them to put all of their treats and their crafts in – to take home.  All of these items are available in my shop for purchase.

A few of the last details around the room.  I made an apron for the front of the sweets table to give it an “Alice” appearance and feel.  I also made some paper flower for the backdrop and placed some frames and boxes and fun whimsy items around the table to give it that odd feel – like when Alice was tumbling down the rabbit hole.  I made a paper flower Tiger Lily and even made the Old Lady Gladiolus.  And one of my favorite aspects of the table was my paper art Bread and Butterfly that sat atop our backdrop.  We added a few of the Tolgy Wood signs and then hung an Alice dress/apron inspired name banner across the backdrop.  And for my very favorite piece of the whole party – I made the doorknob and his door out of foam core, print outs and a little gold paint for finish.  If I get time, I will do a short tutorial for the doorknob and his door at a later date and link it here.

Here are links to the above items in my shop for Alice in Wonderland inspired products and a few other Alice Items not seen here:

Door Knob Toppers

Clock Graphic – medium size

Water Bottle Wraps

Mini Character Treat Boxes

Tolgy Wood Signs

Mini Tolgy Wood Topper Signs

Krispy Card Head Toppers

Name Place Playing Cards

Food Tents/cards

Alice apron name banner

Mini Clock Toppers

Character Inspired Cupcake wraps and toppers

Mini Bottles

Cheshire cat suckers topper art

Cheshire cat suckers

Character Inspired Take home bags

Thanks for reading!


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Coral and Mint Woodland Baby Shower


This shower was such a joy to throw for me because it was for my gorgeous sister (in law) and my beautiful niece Paige.  The shower came together in such a beautiful fashion and I just loved so many of the details included in the shower.


We chose a coral and mint woodland theme to match the guest of honor’s
baby nursery.  The gorgeous photography by Megan’s Many Memories was magazine worthy and we had some beautiful shots of the shower.  A few of the main features of the shower I loved were the dining table centerpieces & the adorable onesies made by my mom, the yummy and super cute cake made my sister, the moss covered sweets table featuring goodies to match our fun party theme, all of the cute custom paper party goods, and the beautiful way the dining tables layout turned out.  The popcorn bar and the entrance table with games and guestbook onesie were a hit with the guests.  And I loved the sentimentality that the my sister in law’s mother put into the venue and the special “favorites of the parents” cupcake order!  Overallthis shower turned out absolutely incredible with all of the wonderful help I had with it!

For this very special shower, we went with a theme to match the soon to arrive bundle’s nursery!  The guest of honor has done her nursery with a woodland theme centered around owls, deer, and birds all in grays, and corals, and mints with hints of ivory.

Gorgeous Photography by:  Megan’s Many Memories

My sister in law’s mom rented the venue – which was also the same chapel / event center where  the soon to be parents were married.  The layout of the venue is gorgeous and sits right beside a beautiful pond!  The dining table area was in room with glass windows that overlooked the pond.


Dining Tables:
My mom made all of the gorgeous greenery centerpieces for the eating tables.  She used various ferns, mosses, twigs, and tiny little coral and mint flowers.  She placed each of the  centerpieces on rustic chargers accented with acorns and mini pinecones.  She also placed  matching party graphic picks in each of the arrangements.


The eating tables were all draped in coral  linens with mint table runners.  Each place setting held woodland style plates and napkins
from Hobby Lobby decorated with plate decals and napkin wraps by Water Walker Events.



My mom also made a couple custom onesie’s with the party logo printed
on each one  with matching ribbon accents around the neckline.  These onesie’s
acted as the guestbooks.  Each guest took their turn signing the onesies.




Also on the table that greeted the guests, was a personalized bottle filled with chocolate
kisses that my younger sister had made up.  Guests took turns guessing how many kisses were in the bottle.  The guests could also move down the table to the end where they were each allowed to make a special  boutique headband for the – soon to be arriving – baby girl!  This kit was ordered by the mom to be so she would have gorgeous little headbands for her new baby girl!
She ordered the kit from an online Etsy store called Luxe supply co.  Guests all also played
“Guess the Baby Woodland Animal Name” Game.
My sister was the game hostess – she ran all the games and supplied all of the wonderful
gifts to give out for the games. For the game gifts, she placed 2 of her businesses
Skyscraper Mascaras and 2 of her Mega Matte Liquid Lipsticks (Candy and Creme Brulee)
in cute little tin buckets and finished with off with a little tissue paper.  She gave the
winner of the bottle game a gift and then gave the bottle to the mom to be – who loves chocolate!





Guests were served a light dinner of deli meats and cheeses, rolls, veggie tray with dips, fruit tray with dips, tortilla pinwheels made by another paternal auntie to be (who also made the cake).  They were also served delicious chicken salad and croissants made by the maternal grandmother.  The dinner serving table was graced with two centerpieces made by Water Walker.  We also served Woodland Punch, water bottles, and sweet and unsweet tea.





Popcorn Bar:
I also styled a “She’s Going to “Pop”corn Bar”.
It featured caramel corn, kettle corn, buttered corn, and cheddar corn all from
my favorite popcorn vendor – Dyer’s Gameday Popcorn.
The popcorn bar also hosted several toppings and candies:  Kernel Season’s brand popcorn seasonings in Buffalo Wing, Bacon Cheddar, Cheesy Jalapeno, and Garlic Parmesan – from Walmart.  There were also mini sweettart tarts, M&M’s, Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans, Hot Tamales – all from Walmart.  Butter Toffee Peanuts & Glazed sunflower seeds were purchased from Dollar General.  East guest could scoop up their favorite popcorn blend with one of my custom made scoops – plastic scoop wrapped in twine and matching party ribbon. They could place their favorite mix and toppings/seasonings in one of our custom personalized popcorn boxes with matching party logo and themed decor.



Sweets Table:
The sweets table was designed and styled by Water Walker Events.  The sweets table featured a mint woodland scene mini backdrop framed by sheers wrapped around a backdrop holder and embellished in matching paper fans in the party’s theme and colors.


I also hung a branch decorated in coral and green flowers onto which I hung the sweet new bundle’s name banner and accents.

The gorgeous buche de noel cake was made my older sister and was made to look like a fallen log which we graced with one of our adorable owl truffles.


My sister in law’s mother also ordered the couples favorite cupcakes (carrot cake
for the dad’s favorite and chocolate for the mom’s favorite) from Merritt’s, a local bakery shop. These were also to be a sentiment from the her as these were the same cupcakes the couple had ordered for their wedding.  The delicious cupcakes
were ensconced in some of my shop’s woodland cupcake wraps and topped with custom
made paper fan toppers with matching party theme logos.


Mini Krispie Treat Pops, Golden Berry
Peanut Butter Cups (to look like pinecones), “moss” Sugar Cookies, Dipped and Decorated
Pretzels Rods, and “Owl” Oreo Truffles were all made by Water Walker Events.





I loved including a moss covering across the table to give the table a little more wood-sy feel.

We had a basket of empty woodgrain embossed bags from Found Somewhere in Time available for the guests to take home goodies in.


Other Decor:
Paper Lanterns, Paper Tissue Balls, Paper Tissue Fans, and Paper Tissue Garlands were all strewn across the different table and fireplace fronts and around different corners of the room.  These paper decorations were all from oriental trading.  All Custom Printed Decor, Banners, and Fans (printed in party theme, patterns, and logos) were all provided by Water Walker Events.



Each guest was greeted by an Owl Favor box – created and made by Water Walker Events – filled with custom personalized wrapped mini chocolate bars.  Over the eating area hung beautiful tissue fans in mint and coral – from oriental trading.


Lastly, I made custom corsages for each of the great grandmas, grandmas, aunts, and a special one for the beautiful Mama to be.


I’ll finish out this post with some pictures of my beautiful sister in law at her shower!  And at the bottom – a list of vendors.  If you have any questions on any of the items, just ask and I can either answer or if longer than a quick reply, I will make a post in regards.  I didn’t go into much detail on any one particular item at the shower since we had so many beautiful details and pictures included that we shared today!




Styling and Custom Paper Graphics, Banners, Party Logos,
Party Supplies – by Water Walker Events –

Photography by:  Megan’s Many Memories –

Non-Custom Paper Tissue Garlands, Fans, Balls, & Lanterns –

Woodland Themed Plates and Napkins – Hobby Lobby

Popcorn – Dyer’s Gameday Popcorn –

Popcorn Toppings – Walmart

Embossed Woodgrain Glossine Bags –

Gourmet Cupcakes – Merritt’s Bakery, Tulsa, OK –

Baby Game Gifts in tin pails – Cora’s Beauty Corner –

Hair Bands and Accessory Kit for Headband Making Game – online Etsy store called Luxe supply co.

Finding Dory “Tail”gating Party!

Every year my daughter has a summer sleepover / party for her friends and close cousins. This year we decided that with the release of Finding Dory, we would do our usual swim party with an under the sea/finding Dory theme. And we would combine it with a watch party of Finding Dory at the drive in.

After some discussion with the kids, we decided instead of setting up our treats at home with the swim party, we would instead set it up at the drive in as a “tail”gate party.



For our “tail” gate party we served Popcorn in a large blue fish punch bowl.  The kids could grab their under the sea popcorn boxes (that we sell the printable of – or even will make and ship to you) and fill up with yummy popcorn!


We also served sugar cookies with sugar fish toppers.  We purchased the sugar cookies from our local grocer and just added the fun sugar toppers to give it a more themed appeal.

And the sugar fish cookie topper decorations here:


Our “coral” sticks were made by skewering red sour punch belts on wooden skewers.  I loved how this gave some dimension to our background and also built on our “under the sea” theme.

You can also purchase the sour belts on Amazon:


Mini bite sized yellow Chocolate Beach pails filled with pudding and toffee bits for “sand” were placed inside mini fish platters.  These beach pails were originally supposed to stand alone as the pail was made from molding chocolate inside plastic shot glasses.  But since our party was held on a very warm summer night, the pails simply were not going to hold up on their own in the humidity.  So we ended up just leaving them as is in their mini shot glass holders and they worked just fine!

We originally got the idea for these treats from a post from Hungry Happenings.


We placed some mini chocolate bars wrapped  with Dory and friends wraps.  Theses and other printables can be found on my Finding Dory Free printables post here.


I also thought that having some chocolate seashells and star fish would make an excellent addition to our under the sea treats!

You can purchase molds for the sea shells on Amazon:

And for the Star Fish on Amazon here:


We also served gummy candy sharks over delicious candyfetti!  They looked great in this gorgeous blue serving bowl!  The Candyfetti gave the look of the gummy sharks swimming in bubbly swished water.  Candyfetti is one of my very favorite treats at our parties!



I made some “Hank” octopus truffle pops by making some cake pops on sticks that I added extra melt drizzles for tentacles and then I added paper hank eye cutouts to finish him off.


And last but not least, our kid friendly version of Shark Attack drinks.  These were inspired by Thrillist’s Shark Attack Drinks (, but since all of our parties only feature kid friendly drinks, we opted for a similar yet fun, non-alcoholic drink instead. For our shark attack drinks we used colorful Swedish fish, blue gummy sharks, “Under the Sea” candyfetti from Sweets Indeed (, fruit punch and 7 up. We purchased mini fish bowl globes from Dollar Tree. And I used my tall, skinny glass dessert dishes out of a set from Bed, Bath and Beyond – for the shot glass of “Blood”. We filled each shot glass with punch and added one shark inside. Then we pressed the shot glass to the inside of the overturned bowl and quickly turned it to the upright position, leaving the shot glass filled but stuck to the bottom of the fish bowl. We then added candyfetti as our “Sea Pebbles” and added about 3 different colored Swedish fish. We then filled the globes about 1/2 way up with 7 up. The colors of the candyfetti and the fish then gave the water a murky blue/green tint – like ocean water. Each child then took their turn lifting the shot glass and letting the shark inside “Attack”. You could of course omit the shot glass with punch and just use the other ingredients for a little less violent drink. But since we had brothers and boy cousins for the movie part of our party, we knew they would love the special gruesome addition. The girls even loved it as well!








For the decorations, I used a few of my FREE printables I offered on one of my blogs post – that I created in honor of the release of Finding Dory. I also used a few of my “under the sea” items that can be purchased from my online Etsy shop as printable at home items.



The FREE printables can be found here on my blog:

To find some of the “Under the Sea” items I sell (some used here), you can look at these items on my shop link here:

We had a great time at our “tail” gate party! Thanks for reading!

Finding Dory – FREE inspired printables

Finding Dory comes out this Friday, June 17.  We are super excited about this around here.  We are even gearing up for our own watch party with a drive in / after swim party.  In honor of this, I made a free fun party printables for our party.  But since I am waiting to display our party for a week or two, I didn’t want to make all of you wait that long for the FREE printables that I made – just in case you are having your very own watch party!  I will later post pictures of our own setup of these printables, but for now here are the files for you to enjoy!!

Cupcake Toppers

Print on cardstock, trim around each of the toppers leaving a white edged border, and glue a lollipop stick, straw, or toothpick to the back of the toppers.

Dory cupcake toppers


Character Pennants Pieces for a character banner

Just trim around each of the banner pieces.  Also note the accessory files that follow each of these two character files (with 4 characters).  You will trim those out and tape or glue them from the backside of the pennant piece.

Dory inspired pennants 2

Dory inspired pennants 1


Pennant Accessory Pieces

Trim each of these pieces out and glue/tape them to the back of the matching character pennant.

Dory inspired pennants accessories


Character Treat/Favor Boxes

The next four files are mini character treat/favor boxes.  Simply cut them out, score on the bottom of the front of the box (at the bottom of each face where line is and also score at same spot on side flaps).  Then again score at bottom of back side along with flaps.  And score vertically on bottom piece lined up with each side of the face.

Dory inspired favor boxDory inspired favor box 4Dory inspired favor box 3Dory inspired favor box 2


Mini Character Choco Wraps

Print on either plan paper and then trim, wrap and secure with tape.  Or print on sticker stock, trim, and wrap around mini chocolates.


Dory choco wraps

To download these files, simply click on the image to pull it up to full screen.  Then right click the full screen image and click save file image to your hard drive.


Also, please note the following:

There are characters that inspired this artwork.  I lay no claim to those characters or to the rights of them.  There is no transfer of ownership of the rights of those characters.  The rights of those characters remain with their respective owners.

Please note that this particular arrangement of artwork is copyrighted by Shawna Fisher 2016.  You are allowed to use this art for your own personal projects and pieces.   You are not allowed to re-use this art for business purposes or to sell this art in any fashion – physical or digital.  The rights to this art remain with me – Shawna Fisher.  Please do not share this file, but direct others back to this link.  If you do use this file and post pictures or use it in a public fashion – I simply request that you give credit back to me.  If posted online, please use a link back to my blog/page.  If you are a stylist or planner, you may use this file – FREE OF CHARGE TO YOUR CUSTOMER – as long as you credit me and my blog/page for the files.  Please do not take credit and/or charge for my artwork or my files.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog!  For more of my party items and artwork that is for sale, please visit My Etsy Store.

You can also follow me on my Facebook at Water Walker Events.  Or on Instagram – Water Walker Events. Twitter – FisherShawna

Welcome Summer Printables & Ideas!



Well, Summer is here.  But unfortunately it hasn’t felt much like summer here.

I had all these grand ideas that I would “Welcome Summer” by either greeting my kids on their last day of school and taking them home to a little mini “bash” to celebrate the new out of school season.  Or I had thought that the day after might be fun for this too!  But amid dreams of water balloon and hose fights, running through the sprinkle and (not yet pool since we haven’t opened it yet) other various summery activities, our weather here locally has decided that it would be rainy and colder for this time of year.  Not exactly the mood to set for the entrance to a season of all things warm and beach-y!

So, we have put off our little shindig in hopes of a warmer climate coming next week – though so far my phone app tells me rain all week long :(.

I decided I could, however, go ahead and make a banner to usher in this warmer season and to have hung up in our living room for now – to brighten our spirits until we can make official plans.  I also made a small page of graphic toppers that can be used as cupcake toppers and various other items to accent.  And I am offering my adorable “Welcome Summer” banner here FREE to you for your own personal use.*

I found the net, the paper lanterns, and the bucket – that I used here – last year at Dollar Tree.  This year I also found all of the cute hard backer graphics (seahorse, seashell, star fish, dolphin, fish) all at Dollar Tree as well.  The seashell necklaces were purchased several years ago from oriental trading and we still use them from year to year.  And the sea life trays atop the mantle. were purchased from our local Old Time Pottery last year.

The mini knee foam board we have had for several year.  But we also purchased an Elsa/Anna Frozen one this year at Party City and I noticed that they carried several different styles and themes.

Once we get around to having our little mini bash, we will probably just do small things like:

Water Balloon Fights

Shaving Cream Fights / or Silly String Fights

Hose / Sprinkler Play

And various outdoor games.

We will probably have a few treats such as snocones, cupcakes and maybe some gummy candy kabobs.

But if we get the chance to squeeze in a little fun, I’ll be sure to share that with you then!

Until then, enjoy these FREE printables and here is to wishing you warmer climates and better weather wherever you may be bringing in the new season!

Click here to download:

Welcome Summer Banner

Just click on the “Welcome Summer Banner” link above and it will lead you to download a pdf file of this banner and the topper printable.

If you cannot open the file, you simply need to download a copy of Adobe Reader which is usually found as a free download on Adobe’s website.


Also, please note the following:

Please note that this particular arrangement of artwork is copyrighted by Shawna Fisher 2016.  You are allowed to use this art for your own personal projects and pieces.   You are not allowed to re-use this art for business purposes or to sell this art in any fashion – physical or digital.  The rights to this art remain with me – Shawna Fisher.  Please do not share this file, but direct others back to this link.  If you do use this file and post pictures or use it in a public fashion – I simply request that you give credit back to me.  If posted online, please use a link back to my blog/page.  If you are a stylist or planner, you may use this file – FREE OF CHARGE TO YOUR CUSTOMER – as long as you credit me and my blog/page for the files.  Please do not take credit and/or charge for my artwork or my files.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog!  For more of my party items and artwork that is for sale, please visit My Etsy Store.

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