Halloween Bat Fan Craft – Free Printable & Tutorial

Halloween Bat Fan Craft – Free Printable & Tutorial

I have been hit and miss lately with when I blog.  I had thought to do a 13 days of Halloween and do a recipe or a craft everyday.  But I realized the futility in that on about day….1!  However, I did want to enjoy the season and put up a few things so I thought I would post when I can… and take the pressure off!

Today I thought I would give a free printable away and post a picture tutorial.  You will have to forgive a couple of my photos as I am not a fantastic photographer while making items, and I am not tech savvy enough to setup a camera filming and grabbing photos so I had my son take the photos for me!  And honestly, even if the photos were blurry, I enjoyed having him involved in the process so that’s really what counts to me!

This craft was based off an adorable bat paper fan I saw in a picture I reposted on Instragram from Target.  They had done up a mantel scene which was super cute.  And in the corner of this mantel scene they had the cutest paper fan bat hanging there.  All I could think of when I saw it was how I could make a diy bat paper fan.  Now, mine is not really like the tissue version of theres, however, I believe this makes a fun craft for little ones and big ones alike!  And how perfect would it be to print up one of these sheets, and roll it up with some cute ribbon and give out as a non-candy treat option for Halloween!  Either way this is a fun and easy project and I enjoyed how it turned out!

  1. Step One:  First, cut our your black rectangular box and trim out your bat head.

  2. Step Two:  Take your black rectangular piece and fold it on the long end (lengthwise) in half.
    Keep folding in half all the way down the length.
      At the end you should end up with an approximate piece of about 1/2″.
  3. Step 3: Push that piece down really hard to make deep creases in you paper.  You can even take the plastic part of your scissors or something hard (but won’t scrape) and run it along the top with some pressure to make this piece flattened.
  4. Step Four:  Unfold your black rectangle piece.   
  5. Step 5:  Use your creases as guidelines and preparation for re-folding this piece accordion style.  Use a back and forth method – fold one way, then the other way.
      Keep folding your piece accordion style – back and forth.
      You should reach an end point that meets up with your last fold.This picture shows what the piece will look like if you have folded your piece accordion style correctly.
  6. Step 6:  Take your accordion piece and fold in half and make a deep crease.   
  7. Step 7:  Unfold the piece back out and place under a stapler.  Place a staple right on the crease you made – right in the center of the accordion strip.
  8. Step 8:  Spread out each side of the accordion piece – sort of slightly flattening it just a tiny bit so that it will stay in a wingspan shape.  Do each side this way.
        This picture shows both sides spread out.
  9. Step 9:  Take a piece of tape and roll it and place right in the center on the front of the wingspan.  You can either use tape here (for little ones) (make sure that it is really sticky tape) or you can use glue (will have to set awhile to dry)  or if this is a home project and you have an adult helping – you can use a hot glue gun which has a faster dry time and holds a lot better.  However, please note that an adult needs to be in charge of the glue gun and the placing of the piece on the wings as the glue stays hot for a couple minutes and hot glue CAN BURN!!  Please make sure to be careful with hot glue and ALWAYS let an adult be in charge of the hot glue gun!  
  10. Step 10:  Place your bat head cutout on top of the tape or glue. If you have glued it at al, let it rest until the glue has dried.
  11. Step 11:  Hang or Place your bat and ENJOY!!

Below is the free printables for this project.  There is also a second printable for those who wish a full bodied bat or want to place a doubled up wing span on each side of the bat (requires extra gluing and taping to tape the two pieces together).

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this free printable and tutorial!!

Click on image to pull up full image view. Then right click on image and hit save to your computer (or print).

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Bat Fan printable with just head

Bat Fan printable with body