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 Well, today I sent my kids back to school.  Usually I am pretty ready for them to go back.  But for some reason this year, I am feeling a little sad.  Every year the summer just seems to speed by faster and faster.  This year it felt as if I blinked and it was time to go back.  I know once we get into our schedule and routine, I will be doing much better.  But I still will miss seeing their faces during the day.

Since I had made them some back to school banners for pictures today, I thought that I would share them here with you, in honor of back to school.

I have included a pdf file that includes all of the grades.  Just print the grade sheet that has your grade and trim off and discard the rest!

I have also included a little “Back to School 2016-17” banner in there as well – just for fun!

Below are some previews of what is in the pdf file!

I hope you enjoy!


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Back to school PREVIEW 1Back to school PREVIEW 2Back to school PREVIEW 3Back to school PREVIEW 4

Back to school


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