Orange You Glad It’s Summer – Teacher Basket

Orange You Glad It’s Summer – Teacher Basket

Today is the last day of school for my little ones. Since I home school my middle, and my oldest has umpteen tons of teachers, we decided to only make a gift basket for my youngest one’s teacher.

I have seen TONS of cute “Orange you glad it’s summer” baskets this year! It’s a popular gift item. I have been thinking of doing this one this year & it’s all over the place! Which is great because it’s gave me inspiration & ideas! So I thought I’d pass on those cute links plus share my own inspiration & finds!  I know some of you are still finishing up your school year’s and could use a last minute idea for summer fun!

Here are a few of the links I found on Pinterest:

Deals to Meals Blog

Tips From a Typical Mom

Shaken Together Life

And then of course Courtney from Pizzazzerie had her gorgeous take on this basket this year.  She has entire post herself and a FREE printable there as well.  Go check out her site for cute inspiration and her FREE printable!

Our Basket:

The fun thing about this basket is you can go to places like the dollar spot at Target, the Dollar Tree, and even Michael’s dollar bins & find some really great deals that are still super cute!

Like this pretty candle holder from Dollar Tree. It’s beautiful, stylish & was only $1!! I love those kinds of deals!

Goodies & candy are always a yummy choice for gift baskets. We loaded her basket up with Reese’s peanut butter cups, Chiclets in orange packages, orange slices, orange crush licorice, & 2 mini bottles of orange crush soda!!!!


We found some cute non-sweet / non- food items that were orange & would make a cute addition to the basket. Along with that pretty candle holder, we also found a cute summer platter with orange designs and an orange cup at the Dollar Tree.

The adorable orange container soap pictured was from Michael’s! It is way too cute!

Pictured here were the majority of the items we put on the basket:


We also found a really cute scarf at the Dollar Tree too! I couldn’t believe it was just a dollar. I tied that around the basket into a bow to dress the basket up!

We also found a really cute summer sign st Michael’s that I just couldn’t resist because it was 1/2 off!


Lastly I finished off the basket with a little “orange you glad it’s summer” tag that I tied to the basket with a little orange gingham ribbon! The whole thing turned out so cute!!

Below you can find the FREE printable art for this tag – set two per page!

And that’s a wrap – for our basket & for our 2015/16 school year!!


Orange you glad


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