Summer Journal

Summer Journal

We are wrapping up the end of our school year here and only have two days left of school.  Since I work from home, I have my kids with me over the summer. I knew that I was going to need to get ahead of the game and look up a little bit of activities to get prepared for the adjustment period of summer and the kids being home.  I thought that I would work up a soft schedule that would at least give them an idea of things to do and a go to list when they get bored or I am needing some time to myself to work.  This led me to doing a search of summer bucket lists and activities, which then led me across the idea of doing a summer journal for my kids.  I had come across this post from and thought this would not only make a great idea for my kids, but also would be a great idea as an “end of the school year” present to pass out to my littlest one’s classmates.  I decided to do a picture journal with space for a few notes for her and her classmates since I could make one that is simple and age appropriate in the timeline that I have left.  If you are looking for ideas for slightly older kids, this link has some great ideas and writing prompts for a little bit older children who would actually benefit from an actual writing journal and not just a picture journal.  And this site has great prompts for all ages.

I made the journal simple, where the child could take a special day, occasion or event out of there summer and journal about that day.  For the journals I am sending to school, I printed out the cover (which is one sided) on cardstock.  Then I printed the first page front and the first page back one time.  Then I printed the first page back on one side and then on the other side as well and printed out 10 sheets of them that were the same on both sides (with the Day/Date line on the left and the “I did” box on the right).  Then I folded all the sheets in half and inserted the Day/Date pages inside of the one inside “My Summer journal Page” and then the cover on the front.  And then I stapled it twice on the folded edge.

On the very back inner page of the journal, there should be a scavenger hunt print.  This can be used as one of the activities on a summer day.  Or the child can use it as an all summer long scavenger hunt where they try to find/see all of the items on the list.

Also, on the back cover there is a summer bucket list.  I originally started making my own list, but then came across Moritz Fine Designs’ site where she had several great ideas as well.  I used what I had (a lot of which she had as well) and then added some she had and then added ideas I got from a few other places as well.  Go check out her free printable and sign up for her blog!  Here were a few other sites that had some creative ideas for a summer bucket list:

The Simple Parent

My List of Lists

I heart Naptime

Survival Kit for Moms

And here is the link to my Pinterest board to show you some other fun summer activities that I have pinned.

I am including jpeg files of the journal on here to share with everyone this cute little printout that I created (with help with ideas from others).  Please note that although I have placed an Olaf clipart on the cover – no transfer of ownership occurs with this FREE download.  All rights to that piece of art and the character itself remain the rightful property and all intellectual property rights remain with the respective owner.  You are simply getting a FREE printable to use for your own personal use.

I have also included a FREE full size printable of the Bucket List and the Nature Scavenger Hunt as well.

I also liked the idea of having a summer tentative and soft schedule for my kids like the one My Frugal Adventures made here.  Though we won’t stick to it tightly, it will give us a general idea and structure for our day.  Hopefully with all of these ideas we can ease into our summer break without a lot of grief, boredom, and with mom’s sanity still intact!

Summer Journal Cover

Summer journal page 1 front


Summer Journal Page 1 back

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Summer bucket list

And if you would prefer a pdf file download instead, here is the summer journal in that file type:

Summer Journal

I hope you enjoy the printouts and the ideas!  Please keep in mind that I only researched and pieced together these ideas.  I am not taking credit for any of the ideas themselves.  I simply put them all together in the format you see above.

Simple click on these to bring them up to full screen preview and then right click to save to your hard drive.   Please note that this particular arrangement of artwork is copyrighted by Shawna Fisher 2016.  You are allowed to use this art for your own personal projects and pieces.   You are not allowed to re-use this art for business purposes or to sell this art in any fashion – physical or digital.  The rights to this art remain with me – Shawna Fisher.  Please do not share this file, but direct others back to this link.  If you do use this file and post pictures or use it in a public fashion – I simply request that you give credit back to me.  If posted online, please use a link back to my blog/page.  If you are a stylist or planner, you may use this file – FREE OF CHARGE TO YOUR CUSTOMER – as long as you credit me and my blog/page for the files.  Please do not take credit for my artwork or my files.

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