Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Party

Venue:  Tulsa Geoscience Center


610 S. Main St. • Tulsa, OK 74119


This was the overall view of our sweets table at the recent Dinosaur Party I styled.

This was a great party for the kids.  The party was held at the Geoscience Center in Tulsa, OK.  The kids had a blast!

This was a fantastic place to host a dinosaur party! The facility was unbelievable in all they had on display. And the kids had such a blast taking the tour! The Tour Director, Broc, was outstanding with the kids and was so hospitable to everyone at the party. I was very impressed with this venue and would not hesitate to hold another event here. I would recommend this venue and party to anyone!!
Go check out their website at http://tulsageosciencecenter.org

And if booking a party call 918-392-4556 and ask for Broc!! You won’t regret it!!

This place was AWESOME!! I highly recommend that if you have a child’s birthday and you are looking for a really neat venue or a different type of party than the usual – this is a great choice. The price to rent includes your venue / party site hosting PLUS they give you a tour of the facilities, activities and party favors (make a fossil, rock kit, dig for rocks etc)!! It was a really fun place! The kids got to look at all kinds of fossils, they got to make a fossil, dig for fossils and minerals, and they got to have fun in a neon room and learn about minerals/rocks that glow. The Tour Director was a really fun laid back guy and was so easy to work with on the party. You do bring in your own decor, food, drinks, treats, cake etc. Or just bring your treats and allow the displays to be the décor – which of course I just CANNOT do!!   The kids had such a great time and they learned a lot as well. I will definitely keep this place in mind for my future events!! Just wanted to let all of you know who might look for a neat event place for the future and live in the Tulsa area. I didn’t even know about it until the birthday girl’s mom came across it and told me about it. I LOVED it!!

 The Invitation

First let me show you the invitation – which I am going to do a small post on later this week.  This picture shows the finished product of our invitations.  Inside this “dig site” was some homemade plaster that encased a laminated dinosaur cut out with the details for the invitation and party.  And boy what a mess this were.  But in the end they were fun and I am glad I did this type invite for them.  But more about that later!


The Sweets Table Dressing

Here was the front of our sweets table.  For the covering of the sweets table I used one of my burlap banners.  I also attached cut out pieces of plastic tablecloths to act as hanging “vines” all around the table sides and front.  I loved the look this gave.  Because this was at a venue and we had limited setup time, I did the pinning of the vine step ahead of time and just rolled up my cloth with all the attached vines as well.  And here is where I have to brag on my wonderful husband.  I loved this part of the set up.  A lot.  And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  So much that when I was in such a rush getting all of my kids, hubby, treats, décor, etc. all packed up for the party and we drove the 30 miles to the party only to realize that this particular piece had somehow gotten left behind…. well I loved this piece so much that my wonderful hubby drove all the way back home and then back to the party venue to get it for me.  And after I insisted it would be OK without it.  That’s how much I loved this piece.  And that’s how much he loved me.

Awww!!  Sweet huh?!  Yes, he can be.  And he is truly supportive of me and my dreams!  I can’t name another person who supports me more or who is as big a cheerleader as he is!

Now on to the décor!!

The next piece I would like to mention is the adorable Dino Fossil Name banner affixed to our sweets table front.  I love this guy! Or girl!  Or however you want to look at it.  But I love this piece too!  Though it was a bit tedious figuring how to get each letter into the right position graphically.  And then tedious to cut out all the tiny little pieces…. all in all TOTALLY worth it!  Because I love how it turned out!

The Kids Eating Table

Here are a few shots of our eating table layout.  I used my large “nest” prop (or campfire or woodpile or whatever you’d like to call it or use it as) as the centerpiece for the table.  I then propped a white cake stand in the center and placed the kids take home favors that I provided to the party – the dino jars filled with “dino” eggs (chocolate eggs).  I love that this party fell right at Easter time when there is a plethora of egg type candies!

Now for some close ups for the eating table!

Dinosaur jar party favors!

I ordered some jars off of Amazon and then I spray painted the lids green.  I then bought a package of mini plastic dinosaur toys from Walmart (I’d look farther for a cheaper option  – these from orientaltrading.com – but I had run out of time to order).  I was going to spray paint the whole thing once I had hot glued the dinosaurs to the lids.  However, I really liked the look of all the colors of all the dinosaurs and so I left them just as they were and painted just the lids and glued the dinosaurs down with hot glue.  I filled them up with Cadbury Mini chocolate eggs and they made a perfect centerpiece and take home favor!


20160326_112613Place Settings

For chargers I used grapevine wreaths to act as “nests” under each mini plate.  I got the mini plates from oriental trading company along with the napkins.  I had the wooden forks from my supplies but they were originally purchased from Amazon.com.  The volcano cups were also purchased from oriental trading company.  But I do not recommend them so I am not providing a link.  All but just a couple of the cups ended up leaking at our party at the seams and would have been a disaster had we not had back up cups there.  Though I really loved them and the concept is good, the cups were not well made and therefore were not a good buy.  I may end up seeing if I can fix them myself with hot glue because I love them so much.  But if not, they may become centerpieces for future events.



Along the center of the table I ran some brown kraft packing paper that I had cut the roll in half and then unrolled it and then twisted it into these vines shapes.  I also cut leaves from green cardstock and placed along the vine papers.  I had some large green wire that looked like mini vines that I unraveled and laid out as well.  We placed some Dinosaur toys at different parts of the table.  And I also cut out large and mini dinosaur footprints that we placed along the table too.  I had also used one of my brown crinkle tablecloths and overlaid it with a green plastic table cloth that I cut out jagged pieces from to give it that “prehistoric” “Flintstone” look.


On the front three trays of our sweets table, I placed some dinosaur nests (chow mein noodles, peanut butter, chocolate with mini chocolate eggs), Large Dino “eggs” (Cadbury crème eggs) and Chocolate Volcano Oreo TRuffles.  Although I am not a sweets maker, I have found that I can make a few simple treats that turn out fairly cute for some of my parties.  These volcano truffles have been a favorite and the nests were pretty easy to make as well.


In our custom designed popcorn boxes with matching party logo we placed “prehistoric popcorn” and “Dino Scales” (potato chips).  These popcorn boxes were part of the Dino Dig party theme and matching printables for this design and setup.


Sweets Table Details

I used the cupcake wraps and toppers and placed them around and in some mini bowls instead.  These bowls held chocolate pudding with a crumbled chocolate dipped graham topping and buried inside was a mini white chocolate “bone” for the kids to “dig” out.


We also affixed some of our custom Dig Site mini party topper tags atop the mini wooden spoons that were also placed inside each cup.  The bowls toppers, wraps and the spoon toppers are all part of Water Walker’s Dino Dig party supplies and graphics.  These can be purchased as digital designs to print at home for your own personal use (one time use only).  Or the toppers and wraps can be ordered as a custom listing as well.


20160326_112746The Cake

The adorable cake was made by the birthday girls mom and was so easy yet was so cute.  She simply made a sheet cake and then placed chocolate pieces that she had made from a dinosaur mold she ordered from a party supply.  I don’t have the link to the one she ordered from, but here is a similar mold from Amazon.com in a triceratops design.

The Dig Site Sign was a part of the graphics for this party theme by Water Walker Events.


The Beverage Station

Our beverage station consisted of Swamp Water and Two kinds of Prehistoric Punch.

Beverage station signs were part of the Dinosaur Package Graphics from Water Walker Events.  The mini water bottles were wrapped in the different wraps from our themed dino party graphics.  And each bottle was tagged with one of our “Dino Dig” tags.




This mini “Roar” banner was part of the Dinosaur Themed graphics and party collection

by Water Walker Events.


More Details

These side banner pieces were also part of the Dinosaur Graphics Collection via Water Walker Events.


Sweets Table Backer

The Sweets table backdrop consisted of my covering one of my mini backdrop boards with bamboo picture pieces.  I then draped another strip of the kraft paper vines and hot glued some of our hand made cardstock leaves.  I made a mini “happy birthday” banner that I hung with mini clothespins to a piece of twine.  And lastly the name banner was from our Dinosaur collection graphics theme and consisted of Dino Egg Banner pieces with the birthday girl’s name characters


Here were a couple shots I was able to grab of a couple of the display tables at the Geoscience Center.  There are so many tables and displays there that it is simply awe inspiring.  If you are in the Tulsa Area, I highly recommend this venue for a party.  It was truly a neat place for young and adult alike!

Thank you for looking and reading through one of our latest parties – A Dino Dig!

We look forward to sharing with you the mini tutorial for the invitations and for the vine table cloth at a future time!

Thanks again!


Water Walker Events


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