I am free to live….In honor of Veterans Day

I am free to live….In honor of Veterans Day

I don’t know about you, but I KNOW that I tend to take my freedom for granted most of the time.  I get up, go through my day, enjoy myself & my family & the blessings that I have.  Or perhaps instead I get up and complain about them or my “world”.  Some days are mundane, most are FULL though.  With a husband who works two jobs and goes to school, three busy kids, two dogs, three cats, and being self-employed of two businesses – life is hectic.  And most days I just do life.  I don’t even stop to think about that I get to DO life.  I get to do life without the struggles and fears that some others in the world have to face.  I get to have my family near me.  I get to have my husband home at night.  I live.  I am free to live.  Not often do I think about what price that freedom comes at.  Not often am I thinking about those who give up that type of freedom so that I AM FREE TO LIVE.  I take it for granted most days.  I am truly glad for Veterans Day.  A day to stop and REMEMBER.  A day to remember those who give up THEIR LIVES – whether literally or just tangibly in the way that they are not getting up in “their world”, getting to enjoy their family, or even having the luxury to complain about their (quite honestly in comparison to others in the world)… very blessed day.  To be thankful for those that we should… that we MUST focus on – so that we can see and be thankful for what we have been given.  That’s what makes Veteran’s day so great.  To not only remember what all we have been given, but to remember those who have given it to us.  So today, I would like to say thank you.  Thank you to all who have served.  Thank you to all those who are serving.  Thank you for giving up your time, your families, your freedoms, your blessings, your days of taking for granted – so that others may instead.  Thank you for giving up your life.  Thank you for give up your time of living… so that I am free to live.  May God bless those who have and are serving and their families!  Thank you  – you are God’s tangible guardian angels here on earth!

Today my daughter was chosen to either read another poem that was written in honor of Veteran’s Day or to write her own, and then to read it today at her entire school Veteran’s assembly.  She decided that she wanted to write her own.  So I decided that I would share her poem on here today so that others may see her honor of them!

Veterans day poem for online

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I have uploaded a free Veteran’s Day mini banner “Thank you Veterans”.


Veterans Banner 2 Veterans Banner


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