Vintage Super Hero Comic Party

Vintage Super Hero Comic Party


I am finally getting a chance to post some of my past (but more recent) parties that I did over the summer.

Today I am posting on my husband’s Vintage Super Hero Party.

I am always telling my husband that he is my hero and I call him “hero husband”.  So I told him it would only be appropriate for this year’s party for him to be a super hero party.  And since he IS a little older than the average birthday boy celebrating with super hero theme, I decided it should be a vintage super hero party.  Everyone loves vintage!

And because this party WAS about him, I even designed my husband his very own super hero symbol!

Shawns hero symbol

For the party, we did our usual sweets table.  The cake was from the AMAZING Frosten‘s!  She matched it to our party décor perfectly.  In fact, it matched so well that it was almost camoflauged in the pictures against my vintage comic backdrop!  My pictures do not give her enough justice to her work.  She is simply amazing!


We also featured Kettle Corn from the wonderful Gameday Popcorn.

Urban cone tower

Our backdrop was made from a collage of vintage super hero comics prints

and was set off by large comic photo boards from Hobby Lobby.


I made some super hero cake pops by adding a fruit rollup as a “cape” to the back of my pops. Because the rollups are sticky, I was able to just stretch them slightly and then apply thin strips to each pop.

DSC_0317 DSC_0315

Because we were going for an overall vintage theme and feel, we picked up some vintage soda bottles from Reasor’s.

The mini gourmet cupcakes were also from Reasors.

vintage sodas


And I picked up the cutest urban tower cupcake stand (so tall!), an urban cityscape cone tower,

and the cutest plastic city tower containers from Oriental Trading.

  Black urban tower  DSC_0310

Besides the cake pops, I home made some of the other items as well.  I made oreo truffles that just happened to end up looking like they were down in a spider man theme – though I had not intended to at first.  I also made some dipped rice krispie treats and dipped smore marshmallows.  And because I felt that we needed some “manly” treats as well, I made some chocolate dipped pretzels that were sprinkled in bacon.  BACON!! Yum – everything is better with bacon!

oreo truffles

Rice krispy at vintage super hero

dipped marshmallows

Bacon sprinkled dipped pretzels

To add to our party theme, we also hosted a vintage candy bar – gathering as many vintage candy as we could find here and there.  Most of the pieces came from our local Dollar Tree.  But some pieces were also found at Michaels and from Reasors.

vintage candy bar 2

vintage candy bar 3vintage candiesvintage candies 6vintage candies 3vintage candies 2

On our beverage station, we had “power punch”, more vintage sodas, and water bottles wrapped in our vintage comic collage, and super hero sayings collage wraps.


vintage soda 2

water bottlesbeverage stationstraws

I loved how this party turned out!  And I love to celebrate those that I love – especially my hero husband!  We ended the night watching the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves – had to go vintage even with our movies!

Thanks for looking / reading!


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