Halloween 3D pumpkin craft FREE PRINTABLE!

Halloween 3D Pumpkin Craft FREE PRINTABLE!

A Week of Halloween!

Materials Needed:

Colored Printer


1 piece of regular paper

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Green Ribbon (if making hanging version)



There are two versions of art to this – one is for a circular pumpkin for hanging or for walls.  The second has a flat bottom where you can stand the pumpkin.  If you want a standing pumpkin – print only the flat bottomed art.  But you can follow the same directions and pictures that are here for the hanging pumpkin.

Step 1:  Print each of the artworks twice (2 times) so that you end up having 8 pieces total.

Step 2:  Trim out all the circles and the stem.

Step 3: Fold the circles in half (if folding the flat ended pieces – be sure to match up the flat end corners so that the piece is mirrored)

Step 4:  Use a pair of scissor or some sort of scoring edge and press the fold down really well.

Step 5: Place a line of glue along the folded edge on one side.

Step 6:  Take a different patterned circle and place it atop the folded piece with the glue. Press along that edge really well to adhere well.

Step 7: Repeat this step matching up two at a time with a line of glue along the edge.  You should end up with 5 pieces of matched (glued) pairs that have been glued along the center line edge.  Be sure to mix up your patterns.

Step 8: Go back to each matched up pair and then secure the rest of the flap together by applying glue all over and especially along the rounded edge to glue closed.  Firmly press down the pieces together.


This is what it will look like once you have glued the piece together tightly.

Step 9:  Repeat this same process for all the paired up pieces.

Step 10:  Making sure you are mixing up your patterns still (not placing a same pattern right up next to the same other pattern piece), place another line of glue along the edge of one of the paired pieces and place another pair on top.


Step 11:  Repeat this process for all the matched pairs, continuing to just keep gluing a line along center edge and stack another piece until all the pieces are stacked. (See picture below).

Step 12:Flip through and glue the other edges together by again placing glue all over and around the rounded edge and pressing down.  

Once you have glued all the pieces fully together, this is what it will look like.

At this point you can hang this flat up against a wall for décor, or you can continue on for a fully rounded piece.

Step 13: Glue the two final flaps completely together to close up into a fully rounded shape.

Step 14:  Go around all the edges and clean them up by trimming off unmatched edges and any white showing.

Here is a view if you are matching up the flat ended pieces rather than the fully rounded one that hangs.

Step 15:  When I print out my green sheets, my printed leaves a white border around the edge.  If yours does this, first trim off all the white edged borders.  Then proceed to trim out strips along the long edge of about a 1/4″ width.  These will be your vines.

Step 16:  Trim out your stem piece and cut in half.

Step 17:  Place glue all over one side piece to the stem.  Quickly place the toothpick in the middle of the stem towards the top and then place the other side of the stem atop to glue it closed and shut.


Step 18:  Trim off all unmatched white edges on both sides.

Step 19:  Put glue on both sides of the toothpick.  And then quickly insert the toothpick into the top of the pumpkin and into the center.


Finished look to top of pumpkin with stem inserted.

Step 20:  Take about 4 (or however many you want) of your trimmed green vine pieces.  With your scissors closed, use the edge of your scissors and press and pull the paper against the edge of the scissors.  Make sure you hold it tight enough to apply pressure, but not tight enough to rip the paper.  You will be using the same technique as if you were curling ribbon.

Step 21:  Place a dab of glue on the end of the vine piece (the uncurled end).

Step 22:  Place the glued vine to the stem.

Step 23:  Repeat this vine step for all four sides of the stem.

Step 24:  If you making the hanging version, instead of using the printed stem, take a piece of ribbon and fold over and glue, placing a toothpick in the center about 3/8″ up and then glue together at the end to make a glue loop with the toothpick sticking out the bottom.  Then place glue on the toothpick and insert as before and then hang!

I hope you enjoyed these pieces.  Please note that to save the printables, please click on the images individually to pull up full screen view.  Then just right click and save to your computer!

Copyright and usage disclosure:

Please note that while these printables are here for you to enjoy for your own FREE USE, these pieces are not to be resold or used in any fashion for resale or trade or for any use in any type of business or business art.  The intellectual rights stay with Water Walker Events – Shawna Fisher.  You are not given the rights to own these pieces of art.  You are only given the right to use them for your own personal use.  If you are interested in using these printables for a party you are styling for someone else or for yourself for a business, please just contact me first for permission.  I am open and welcome to you using the design in your parties with permission and as long as my shop and name are given credit for the design work, and as long as you are not actually reselling the pieces yourself in the party setup or pricing.  These are to remain free of charge to any and all customers – mine or yours.

Thank you,


Water Walker

Events – Design – Planning

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