Halloween Spiderweb, Harvest Reaper, and Bat Wand FREE PRINTABLES and Tutorial

Halloween Spiderweb, Reaper and Band Wand printable and tutorial

A Week of Halloween

Materials Needed:

Color Printer


Wooden Skewers or Mini Dowel Rods (skewers can be found in the kitchen dept in a lot of stores).  You could also even use deco straws for these to save the decorating portion.

Sticky bling ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

Glitter or any embellishments you desire.

Tulle or Ribbon

Today I started off making a spiderweb wand as my design and tutorial for today.  And as always when I started thinking on that I’d give my “make” to my girls I was reminded of the fact that I had nothing to present to my wonderful son.  I find myself in that predicament sometimes as I am crafting or even as I am shopping.  There are always so many cute offering for girl parties and such.  But what about the boys at the party?  Should they just go without?  I found myself with that same question when I was making the girls wands for our Frozen party this last year.  What about the boys?  And that same question was looming here?  What about the boys?  So in an effort to even out the party playing field, I thought I would try to come up with something “boyish” in the wand but not a wand department.  For the frozen party I made the boys all ice picks instead.  But what could I make for Halloween?  Hmm. And then I thought, what about a mini reaper staff.  So I started down that path.  I have to admit right about here is when I started having some personal conviction / guilt? battle.  I, myself, (again I say personal conviction – not right or wrong) don’t really like or feel like the grim reaper is something to mimic, emulate, or celebrate. He represents what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came here and defeated – Death.  And I certainly do not want to give Death it’s place here in my life or in my blog.  So after I had designed the blade piece, I instead turned to a bat wand in it’s stead.  I thought, “I can make bat wands and they are cool too, right?”  And they are and I was just going to post that.  Until then I thought, I am not going to be overly “religious” and silly.  I have designed up this reaper wand, and I might as well share it.  It doesn’t have to be for me or my family.  We can do bat wands.  Or we can call them Harvest Reapers or some such thing.  But I refuse to be silly and over religious.  Now, will I personally let my son dress as the reaper.  No.  But again, personal conviction.  Can my son have a silly reaper blade that he will act like a typical boy and waive in silly chaotic fashion – yes.  As long as it isn’t at me.  Or his sisters. Or the cat.  Boys will be boys.

So here is a tutorial on spiderweb wands, harvest reaper wands, and bat wands.

Spider wands

This tutorial is for adding bling to dowel sticks – because that is what I had on hand.  However, if you just have some cute decorative straws – use those instead of dowels.  Or if you want to wrap your dowels with cute paper or ribbon – try that instead.  For the paper I would recommend using a cold glue and apply the glue to the whole length of the paper strip and roll the rod until all wrapped up.  For the ribbon, I would hot glue ribbon to top of stick and then wind the ribbon around until I reach the end and secure with more glue and trim. Then I would place that end, glued to the back of the spiderweb piece.  But for blinged out sticks – here are the directions:

Step 1:  Trim out web piece.    

Step 2: Take one of your skewer sticks and trim off about 2.5″ with some scissors.


Step 3:  Cut sticky bling ribbon to just past the length of your dowel rod.  Cut two this same size.

Step 4:  Pull off adhesive backing strip.

Step 5:  Apply bling strip to one side of the dowel, keeping it as straight as you can.


Step 6:  Roll the strip around the sides of the dowel, pressing and pinching firmly to adhere.

Step 7: Place other strip on the other side of the dowel rod, repeating the pressing and pinching step as well.


Step 8:  Trim off excess off each end.

Step 9:  Roll the rod between your hand in a back and forth motion.  This will put pressure on the sticky ribbon and help it to apply and stick better.


Step 10: Apply a strip of hot clue from center point to one of the edges/points on back of web.


Step 11:  Press wand onto hot glue on back of web piece.

Step 12:  Apply a line of hot glue to vertical pieces going to center.  Sprinkle with glitter immediately.  (You can also use regular cold glue but you will need to wait longer for the glue to dry fully before continuing to the next step).

(Picture shows not secured to wand – this was my first go round.  I secured further wands first and then glued and glittered and found that best).

Step 13: Repeat the hot glue around each of the vertical lines and also around the out edge of the web – to look like this.


Step 14:  Trim a bit of tulle.

Step 15: Tightly Tie the tulle just under the web – And Enjoy!


Harvest Reapers and Bat Wands.

Step One:  Trim out printed pieces.

Step Two:  Fold blade over to match up with other side and give a slight crease to middle.


Step 3:  Open back up and run a line of hot glue down the center crease.

Step 4: Insert dowel rod with a tiny piece of the rod sticking out of the top.

Step 5:  Fold and pinch around the rod to glue the rod to center.

Step 6: Run hot glue all over the inside of one of the sides of the blades.

Step 7:  Quickly fold the other side of the blade on top of the glue to adhere the two sides together.  Carefully smooth and put pressure to the blade.  Be careful as the heat from the glue will radiate through the cardstock.

Step 8:  Trim off any edges that are showing from each of the overlapped sides so that the edge lines up and has a nice clean edge.

Bat Wand

Trim out your bat and apply a line of glue to middle point down to bottom and apply the dowel Rod.

Finished Bat and Reaper Pieces.

Now the boys at the party have a manly boyish type of “wand” or handheld party piece as well!

I hope you enjoyed these pieces.  Please note that to save the printables, please click on the images individually to pull up full screen view.  Then just right click and save to your computer!

Copyright and usage disclosure:

Please note that while these printables are here for you to enjoy for your own FREE USE, these pieces are not to be resold or used in any fashion for resale or trade or for any use in any type of business or business art.  The intellectual rights stay with Water Walker Events – Shawna Fisher.  You are not given the rights to own these pieces of art.  You are only given the right to use them for your own personal use.  If you are interested in using these printables for a party you are styling for someone else or for yourself for a business, please just contact me first for permission.  I am open and welcome to you using the design in your parties with permission and as long as my shop and name are given credit for the design work, and as long as you are not actually reselling the pieces yourself in the party setup or pricing.  These are to remain free of charge to any and all customers – mine or yours.

Thank you,


Water Walker

Events – Design – Planning

Halloween Spider Web Wand art Halloween reaper art Halloween bat wand


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