Witch Favor Hat Tutorial & Free Download

Witch Favor Hat Tutorial and Free Download

A Week of Halloween

– printer
– scissors
– white cardstock paper
– hot glue & hot glue gun (used by adults only – HOT!)
– pointed edge or sharp edge to poke hole
– treats

Step 1:  Trim out cone portion / top portion of hat.

  Step 2: Bend Golden buckle up at the edge of the hat so that it will lay flush on your hat.
  Step 3: Wrap top of hat into a cone shape.
  Step 4: Run a line of glue along edge of cone and secure into cone shape.  Be careful as hot glue is HOT!!  Adults only should be doing this project!
  Step 5:  Trim off any excess where the cone did not line up.
  Step 6:  Trim out black circles.
  Step 7:  Poke a hole into the white circle center and turn the “poker” so that it makes a space large enough to insert your scissors.  Step 8: Insert scissors and trim thin white lines all the way to their end but being careful to not go past the end!
  This is what it will look like once you have trimmed all the lines.  Step 9: Fold up all cut triangular pieces with the black side up.
  This is what it will look like with all the pieces folded upwards.  Step 10:  Pick one triangular piece (any) and place a dab of hot glue onto the one piece and quickly place the cone portion of the hat over the spike pieces (spikes will go up inside cone).  Step 11:  Quickly secure that piece with the hot glue to the bottom inside of the cone – making sure to line cone and rim up flush against each other.
This picture shows the one piece that was secured. Step 12: Working with one triangular piece at a time, place hot glue on each triangular piece and secure each one inside the cone of the hat – also making sure to keep the cone and the brim flush against each other.
  Hold the piece firmly in place for 10-15 seconds or until firmly set.  If the hot glue is too hot to hold, use the closed metal edge of your scissors to hold the piece down.
  Work your way around the brim with the pieces.  Sometimes as you go, a piece will pop up from the shape of the cone being a little “off”.  That is OK – just re-secure the piece with a bit more glue.
  Step 13:  Fill your inside of your hat with small treats.
  Step 14:  Get your other black solid circle.  Step 15:  Place a ring of hot glue around the outer edge of your filled hat.
    Step 16:  Quickly secure the other black circle over the bottom (on top of the glue ring) and secure the hat closed – keeping the black part showing and place the white side of your print against the glue ring and move to next step quickly.
  Step 17:  Turn hat over and firmly rub and press to secure the hot glue ring.  Step 18:  Once glue has had time to setup (about 30 seconds to a minute) – trim off any white edge that show from the bottom circle that was adhered – to give it a cleaner look.
  That’s it!  You are done!  Make, give and Enjoy!!  Party Favors can be torn open by cone edge or by pulling off bottom circle.  Or just rip open any way you can!!

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this pic tutorial and free download!  The FREE DOWNLOAD is below.  Click on the picture to open up to full screen and then right click the image to save.

Copyright and usage disclosure:

Please note that while these printables are here for you to enjoy for your own FREE USE, these pieces are not to be resold or used in any fashion for resale or trade or for any use in any type of business or business art.  The intellectual rights stay with Water Walker Events – Shawna Fisher.  You are not given the rights to own these pieces of art.  You are only given the right to use them for your own personal use.  If you are interested in using these printables for a party you are styling for someone else or for yourself for a business, please just contact me first for permission.  I am open and welcome to you using the design in your parties with permission and as long as my shop and name are given credit for the design work, and as long as you are not actually reselling the pieces yourself in the party setup or pricing.  These are to remain free of charge to any and all customers – mine or yours.

Thank you,


Water Walker

Events – Design – Planning

Witches hat favor file 1 Witches hat favor file 2


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