Pet Store Party

Pet store party

When my client’s daughter wanted a puppy party, then a kitty party, then an animal party and just couldn’t decide because of her love for all animals… what were we to do?  Throw a pet store/ pet adoption party of course!

This was probably one of the most labor intensive parties that I have put on to date.  Mostly because I hand made so many things and also because there were several items that I re-purposed.  However, it was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parties – just seeing the kids faces light up as the “adopted” their pets.

We sent out these invitations:

Pet party invite

inviting everyone to bring a stuffed pet and/or a picture of their real pet.  During the party each of the children were giving a chance to tell all the other party goers about their stuffed pet or their real pet or both!  This was a really fun time for the kids – they loved telling about their pets!

When the kids arrived, we had already set up different spaces throughout the party area.  We had a table of pets setup to “adopt” for an adoption area.  These pets were all made from felt and were either hand sewn or, when I grew too tired to sew anymore, were hot glued.  We also had an area setup for the pet “store” portion of the pet shop. We had a “vet office” with real forms to fill out on the pets. The other area was a “grooming” area where they could go to groom their pets they brought or to groom the pet they adopted at the party.  At the grooming station, we sat up a little table and chairs and included a toy hairdryer, toy brushes. etc.  We gave each child a number, and then we drew the numbers.  As we called out the child’s number, they were able to go to the pet adoption center (table of pets) and were able to choose the pet they adopted.  Each pet came with a coupon book of what their pet would require at the pet store.  The coupon book allowed them to “purchase” their supplies for their pet.  The kids then all lined up at our pet “store” and we exchange their coupons for supplies.  That took a really long time but I was amazed how they all waited in line so patiently – all eager to “shop” for their supplies.

In the end, the kids ran around and played with their pets and enjoyed some snacks and cake.  We served foods that had to do with animals or pet names (goldfish, sunflower seeds, hot “dogs”, corn “dogs”, kit kats, animal crackers, gummy snakes, dog bone cookies (all served in dog dishes from the Dollar Tree), carrots, puppy chow, “pup-corn”   and more!! .  This was a really great party!

I have to pre-apologize for my photos.  I had them on my phone and thought I had downloaded them to my computer but couldn’t find them anywhere except on Instagram.  So I had to take a screenshot to download here.

Again these aren’t professional photos, but at the same time they are what I have of this fun and incredible party!

I also designed and paper crafted together hats and masks to match the animals that I had sewn.  All of the graphics in the party matched the actual pets that we were “adopting” out. Some of the masks and hats were even 3D!

These packages were favors for the guests to take home with their pets.  They were a mini version of what we did and had at our party so that they could play at home.  There were mini vet forms, open/closed signs, laminated appointment cards (for re-use over and over again),  Signs:  pet store, Grooming area, Pet waiting area, Adoption center, Vet office, and little extra cards that showed the pets from the party in “x-ray form”.  They also had a mini pad of “sign in” sheets.  And a laminated pet checkup sheet that could be reused over and over again.  We also included a mini dry erase marker and a mini cloth for wiping off and reusing the laminated pieces.  These were such a hit with the kids.  I still have parents a year and a half later tell me that their kids play with these still.  That is so rewarding!

Some of my graphics for the party pieces were designed in such a way to match the animal.  If it wasn’t their skin style, then it was their food or their surrounding.

My rabbit background was made up of carrots.  My parrot background was made up of the parrots colorful feathers. My mouse background looked like swiss cheese.  My frog, turtle, and snake backgrounds both represented their skin types:  scales, shell, and frogskin, My fish background was water waves and bubbles.  I had also designed a pet store that was in the birthday girls chosen color scheme:  purple and red.

This was the adoption center table with all of our hand made felt animals.


Here are a few quicks snaps of some of the items at the pet “store” portion of the party.  We had tubes for the mice, snakes, and hamsters (empty toilet paper tubes).  We made bird cages from chipboard, butter lids, a metal prong, and chrome vinyl, and hot glue.  I made bunny pens from cardstock picket fence prints that I hand cut out (ouch) and then glued inside envelope box lids.  We provided easter grass for those to fill in.  I had pebbles for the fish, turtles and snakes (from the Dollar Tree).  And I printed out a photo of a river bed pool on cardstock for the snakes, frogs and turtles for little “ponds” for the enclosures.  The snakes, frogs, turtles, mice and hamsters all had “aquariums” that I made from envelope boxes that I trimmed out sections and then hot glued cut transparency pieces as “windows” and also on the top as the top lid window.  I ended up running out of time and didn’t get those painted – they would have been painted gray or silver.  Each parrot owner received a bird cage.  And each puppy owner received a doggy house.  I didn’t get a photo of the finished dog house, but you can see from the photos that I had one from the night before.  Each kitten owner received a basket (from the Dollar Tree) for the kitty to sleep in.  And each fish owner took home a mini glass globe (from the Dollar Tree).  Each pet owner received a small packet of food that I had placed in mini zip packages and labeled accordingly.  For most of the animals, I cut up pieces of felt for food (dog, cats, fish, turtles)  The bird owners received a packet of sunflower seeds.  I made tiny flies from pieces of felt and pieces of hard transparency cut as wings and hot glued them together.  I sewed itty bitty tiny mice for the snakes (I know right!) and cut tiny pieces of swiss cheese from yellow felt for the mice.  I made little carrots for the rabbits from felt.  I also cut down water bottles and used the bottoms as “bowls” for the different animals and labeled them inside the bowls for what went with which animal.  And each frog received their very own cardstock “lillypad” to take up to hop on. The kids each received a custom designed gable party box to carry all of their purchases home in.  The box was designed to look like the pet shop graphic featured on all of the printables and graphics for the party.  And again, each of the animals were designed graphically to resemble their hand sewn counterparts that the kids were taking home and “adopting’.   I am sure that there a many little details that I am leaving out, but I just remember the kids having a really great time!  All in all, it was a ton of work, but I would do it all over again because it was just too fun!



Client purchased the food and serving bowls.  I provided all of the party plates, cups, napkins, straws (all with stickered matching graphics), toppers, wraps.

Here are a few previews of the art.  Any of this artwork is available for custom purchase through my store!

Pet Party Pennant Banner OVERVIEW

Pet Napkin wrap 3 PREVIEW

Pet Party 2 inch circles PREVIEW


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