Maleficent Party – With wings on!

It has been awhile since I have posted.  It has been pretty busy lately with all of my work and also my kids getting out of school and preparing 6 different parties.  I actually should be posting the end of the year mini ice cream party that I set up a few weeks ago first.  However, I am just too excited to share this party and pictures with you!

This party was for my birthday.  We also hosted a small fundraiser in lieu of gifts for the A21 Campaign.  If you have never heard about the A21 Campaign – you should go check out their site.  They are an amazing ministry!  I was able to meet my goal I made and my family and friends were supportive and generous.  Thank you!

I sent out an evite that read this:

Hi friends,
I have decided to join A21 in the fight against human trafficking by hosting a small fundraiser for my birthday (in lieu of birthday gifts).

Please note that your gift may have just been a card or kind word (which I love!). And you can still donate that as well! A21 has a “how you can give” page and one of the ways to give is to write letters, make a card, or just send a small craft or something to brighten up the day of those who were rescued! Please check out A21’s page for all the ways you can donate!!

A21 aims to rescue and rebuild lives that have been affected by human trafficking and actively operate with ten offices in nine countries.

THANK YOU for choosing to support me as I work to raise funds that will free victims and restore lives.
If you would like to learn more about the issue of human trafficking globally, please check out the Human Trafficking page on the A21 website.

My theme for my birthday is Maleficent. In that movie her wings were stolen and she could no longer fly and she lost hope. She regained her hope (and her wings) through seeing the kindness, grace, and love in another.

Those who have been trafficked have also had their wings stolen. I ask that you partner with me in showing those in need kindness, grace, and love. Help me give them back their wings!!

~ Shawna

And then it had the details of the event.

Now to the decorative details of the party!!


I was inspired to do a Maleficent party when I came across an old wooden spindle planter at a local flea market.  I loved the movie Maleficent and how it shows a different and softer side to this villainess.  Because I loved the film and because I found this adorable piece, I immediately envisioned throwing a Maleficent birthday party.


The party was a movie on the lawn type experience.  We gathered together with lawn chairs and blankets and watched Maleficent outside.  And to satisfy our snacking needs, I made up a sweets table and drink station.


The sweets table was backed by a banner featuring a Maleficent inspired dragon silhouette with glowing green eyes along with green flames.  The banner was framed by some trimmings of holly berry branches spray painted with touches of black.  This frame represented the “thorny hedge” from the movie and the story.  The banner art was setup by Water Walker Events and the banner was printed and made by Digital Prints Plus Inc.


The table featured many sweet items including: lemon cupcakes with green icing, vanilla cupcakes with purple icing, blueberry cheesecake parfaits,  lime shortbread bars, dipped pretzels, cake truffle pops, green  and purple sixlets, green and purple fruit slices, kettle corn, mini chocolate bars, grape licorice sticks, and chocolate caramel candy balls.  The edible centerpiece of the sweets table was the beautiful purple with green accented framed Maleficent silhouette cake.  The cake was the perfect accent piece for the table and with its striking color combination, truly made the piece pop from the table.

DSC_0137        DSC_0119

DSC_0118        DSC_0117

DSC_0111        DSC_0094

DSC_0110        DSC_0093

DSC_0092        DSC_0087

DSC_0088        DSC_0085

All of the baked items except the cake were homemade by Water Walker Events.  The kettle corn was provided by Gameday Popcorn, the sixlets and chocolate caramel candy balls were from Party City, Fruit Slices from our local Atwoods, Mini choco bars from Walmart, grape licorice sticks from oriental trading and our gorgeous themed cake was from Confections of a Baker.  The lemon cupcakes were topped with edible fondant frames with matching maleficent horn silhouette art from Debau-Cakery.

DSC_0130        DSC_0129

The table’s décor accents included the wooden spindle (which was now painted black), a black glittered foam accent candelabra, mini handmade black treat stands, purple cardboard cupcake stands, two black painted dollar store plastic dragons, and a few green and purple glass vases for décor.  I made some black with dragon and green flamed printable popcorn boxes, some printable mini choco wraps in the matching theme. Our cupcakes were adorned with my Maleficent inspired themed wraps and toppers.  The wraps come in purple with black floral pattern, purple with black Moroccan pattern, purple with green criss crossed lines, and lastly black with green flames and black frame including the different themed clips (spindle, dragon, Maleficent inspired silhouette, wings, and crow).  Our cake ball sticks were embellished with black feathers and a tiny purple rhinestone accent.  Our mini blueberry cheesecake parfaits were served in tiny wine glass for the adults, and in square plastic mini servers for the little ones in our crowd.  Lastly, our table featured a set of black Maleficent inspired wing props.  These were made by myself at Water Walker Events.

DSC_0128        DSC_0116

DSC_0133        DSC_0132

 DSC_0114  DSC_0091  DSC_0089

The beverage station served grape and limeade punch and also sweet tea.  The beverage station was enhanced by a crow/skull statuette, some purple mini paper lanterns, some mini party favor boxes in the matching custom paper theme, and mini party treat cones in the matching custom paper theme.  The table also held our black paper cups with matching stickers in the custom themed clipart and also had water bottles with black floral design wraps and maleficent inspired winged backings.  The cups  held straws with maleficent inspired silhouette toppers.

DSC_0125        DSC_0120

DSC_0126        DSC_0121

And here were my beautiful wings that I made!!



Party Styled by:  Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Party printables: Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Kettle corn: Gameday Popcorn, Candy, & Collectibles

Paper ball lanterns, grape licorice, black chandeliers and candelabra  – Oriental Trading Company

Edible maleficent inspired framed toppers – Debau Cakery

All other baked goods – homemade  – Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Dragon table backdrop – Digital Prints Plus

Paper Straws for drinking and cupcake toppers –Sweets and Treats Boutique

Mini square plastic servers, chocolate caramel balls, green and purple sixlets – Local Party City

Green plastic dragons (painted black) and Purple and green vases – Local Dollar Tree

Green and purple fruit slices – Local Atwoods


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