Throwback Thursday – Duck Dynasty party “hap-pay hap-pay hap-pay birthday!”

Throwback Thursday – Duck Dynasty party “hap-pay hap-pay hap-pay birthday!”

Sorry, didn’t get this out until today – Friday!!


A year ago in May, I helped put together a bit of décor for a Duck Dynasty party.  It ended up being not as elaborate as some of my other parties because of several reasons – most of them personal.  It happened to fall right at a time that I was dealing was some personal issues in my life and therefore, as should be, parties take the back burner.  The good thing was it was for a friend and not a client – and this friend was very understanding and mostly lets me do the décor because I like to – not for her 😉 .  The other hectic thing about this party was it fell during the last week of school – and in fact on the last day of school itself.  And as many of you moms out there know – that last week of school and especially the last day of school is quite hectic!!

So I say that first to let you all know that there was a lot to the décor in this party or its setup.  But I still want to feature the work I have done – small and big – AND the party was super fun anyway just due to the activities my friend did as well!!  And the décor was still fun despite that it was sparse.

The décor featured in this party:

The theme was obviously going to be camo and orange with ducks.  I created a similar duck camo background of my own design – inspired by the Duck Dynasty camo.  I also created a silhouette duck in orange outline to act as the main clipart piece / brand for the party.  The décor consisted of a “hap-pay hap-pay hap-pay birthday” banner,  some duck silhouette signs placed around with sayings such as “Hey, listen here Jack!” etc.  The cupcake wraps also sported some sayings and the toppers too.  I also made personalized toppers.  There were also 4 inch decorative circles, food tent cards, party cones, bottle wrappers, and party favor boxes – all in the camo background and duck silhouette theme.

IMG_2218  IMG_2217 IMG_2216IMG_2215 IMG_2214 IMG_2213 IMG_2212 IMG_2211 IMG_2210 IMG_2209 IMG_2208 IMG_2207 IMG_2206 IMG_2205 IMG_2204 IMG_2203 IMG_2202 IMG_2201 IMG_2200


I also made some ¼ page prints of the silhouette duck that we taped to helium foil start balloons.  My friend then placed these balloons all over the yard for a game.  The kids all brought (or were provided with) nerf guns.  They each took a turn running around the yard and shooting the duck “targets”.  They couldn’t move on until they had shot the target.  They were timed and whoever got through all of the targets the fastest was the winner.  I also printed out real duck pictures (plus one Donald Duck) and attached clothespins to the bottoms of them (2 clothespins – one each side acting as legs/props to stand them up).  My friend’s husband cut down small limbs from some of  their trees and they used the “brush” to attach to a cardboard box to make a “duck blind”.  The kids then each took turns shooting at the “duck” targets that were propped up on a makeshift table (I think it may have been a saw or something).  They used their Nerf guns and whoever shot the most down – won!

IMG_2225    IMG_2222

IMG_2221    IMG_2220

There was also a “mallow dog” eating contest.  If you have never seen the show (Duck Dynasty) there is at least one if not two episodes where they are eating hot dogs buns stuffed with marshmallows that they call mallow dogs.  Those who wished to participate ate as many mallow dogs as they could within a certain amount of time.  I think my son ended up winning with 5 mallow dogs.  All I can say is – YUCK! – if you ask me!  Just the thought makes my stomach start rolling. Gag!  But the kids had a blast playing!


Lastly I made some Duck Dynasty props for picture taking.

IMG_2235   IMG_2237    IMG_2236

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great weekend!



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