Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Well what better day to celebrate than Cinco de Mayo – the day of Fiesta!!


I have not recently had any parties in the last couple weeks – although I have several in the making right now!!  So I thought I would do a mockup Cinco de Mayo party and throw it out there for some quick last minute inspiration instead!

I originally made these cupcake toppers and wrappers for teacher appreciation week last year.  We had a teacher luncheon that was a “fiesta” theme and so I made these cupcake toppers and wraps to celebrate them.  I made the banner at the same time for my older daughter’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration at school but instead of saying Cinco de Mayo it said “Mrs. so and so’s class”.

teacher appreciation 1   teacher appreciation 2   teacher appreciation 3

I revamped the printables so they could be used for Cinco de Mayo and/or a Fiesta.  I am offering them today on the blog for you to download for FREE!!! so you can dress up your own celebration!  And if you use them I would LOVE to see your pics!

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 1                             Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 2

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 3                                    Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 4

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 5                                           Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 6

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 7                                           Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 8

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 9                                   Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 10

Fiesta banner wraps and toppers 11

You can click the image to make it a full screen representation and then right click these images and save or you can get a pdf download here.

We don’t usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo as usually it is a busy time for us and we don’t hardly stop with all of the year end activities and wind ups.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time out for a mini celebration and a little unwind this year.  I mean life should be celebrated!!

Disclaimer:  I put this together at 10:30-11 last night.  I am not a photographer.  I am not a food blogger.  That being said, I am going to give a bit of some recipes (if you can call it that) and show you some pictures of my setup.  Like I always say, you work with what you got!  And that is one thing you will see here and throughout my blog and parties and pics – not perfection.  No one is perfect.  No one is as they seem in their “photos” or their online brags.  I will try (as best I can) to be transparent.  Because then it helps others to know it’s OK.  It’s Ok to not  be perfect.  To not throw the perfect party.  To have mistakes happen.  To be a little messy.  To be a little unorganized.  To have some fun in the chaos!  That’s me.  My world is a bit chaotic at times and I just want to bring a bit of sunshine to my weird little world!

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that although all those lime margaritas strawberry daiquiris you see around on Cinco de Mayo look absolutely DIVINE and delicious!  However, we keep ours at our house completely virgin!!  So any you see in the pics are non-alcoholic!  I promise!!  But there is no reason you cannot have a little deliciousness without all the “extras” – to experience the flavor without the alcohol.  That way our kids can join us in the fun fruity yumminess!! (though they wouldn’t be having theirs until today – not at 11:00 at night when they are in bed!!)

So that being said, we made some delicious non-alcoholic sour daiquiris for our mini party setup here.

These are SOUR strawberry daiquiris. You can make them less sour by omitting the lime and also by adding more strawberries to the mix and also more cream to the actual mix as well.  You can also use honey (which I would have but was out of) instead of sugar because it will blend in better and allow the sweetness to come through better.  (not a food blogger – sorry!).  You could probably find a strawberry drink mix as well, but I was going for a little sour in ours (though my husband doth protest!).

To make these I simply grabbed my blender and put a whole can of strawberry lemonade in.


Next I add in about 1/4 bag of these strawberries (I will use the whole bag but only put so many in at once to not clog up the blender).


I then added 1/4 cup of lime juice (would have used real – but was using this up).


And 1/4 cup of sugar.

Blend well.  And if you are anything like me and my terrible blender – you shake your blender all over the place to make all the extra pieces at the top sink to the bottom.  (May be time for a new blender?  Husband wants a Ninja.  Not sure we blend enough!)

At this point you will need to add about 1/2 of what is left of the strawberries, some more sugar (yes more sugar) – about another 1/4 cup.  And blend some more.

After that is blended, add the rest of your strawberries and blend those in as well.  At this point, you can start adding in some cream.  I had whipped cream in a can so I put in about a cup and a half (sprayed) and blended in.

You then need to do a little taste testing. Is it too sour?  Is it still not sweet enough?  You can add your preferences at this point.  I like my stuff sour, but hubs does not.  If you want it a little creamier texture you can add some more whipped cream in.  I would add about 1/2 cup at a time and taste between additions.  We also layered our drinks in our cups with cream layers so that helped add some creaminess while we sipped.  If you just find the drink too sour – then creaminess might be the addition.  If you can’t taste any sweet – then add in some sugar as well.  Make your additions in small batches and just do a quick few blend bursts and taste test.  Again, honey is going to bring in some quicker and better blended sweetness than just straight sugar.  You are going to have to add a lot more sugar than honey (and some sugar you probably don’t need or get to taste because it doesn’t blend as well).  We have also added a bit of soy milk to ours in the past to make it a little more “smoothy” type texture.  So that is an option as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, we layered ours in a margarita cactus glasses and then garnished with a lime.  You could also do a sugar rim as well, but I didn’t think about that since this was just a quick setup.  But in the end, the drinks were delicious as my husband and I enjoyed them at 11:30 at night while watching Cinco de Mayo inspired episodes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  (yes we love that show!).


Next on our snack bar we had guacamole and chips.

Truth be told I like my guacamole a little different than most.  I don’t like chunky guacamole.  I like mine more smooth, not necessarily runny, but not really thick either.  Typically I use my bamex and cream it completely.  But the avocados were really ripe so I just had to stir really well, and it was creamy enough with a little texture this time.

First I cut open and scoop out all the avocado – 2 avocados.


Next I added in my guacamole mix (no I don’t make totally from scratch – I like to use a starter kit and add from there).  I really like this brand – McCormick’s Great Guacomole.  My dad started me on this one and it is a staple for me for guac!  I really like the spicy one but my kids won’t eat spicy and my hubby was having a mild kinda day so we went with mild. (plus I spiced it up a bit later).


Also, usually, I will add mayo to mine.  Yes, I know avocados are mayo like in texture and fats as they are.  But I like a bit more creaminess in mine.  However, I went to get into the fridge and low and behold – no mayo!  Ahhh!!!  So I tried something new – ranch.  Yes, this added a bit of a weird twang but it wasn’t so bad.  I do prefer mayo though.

I added in 1/2 cup of salsa, 1 tsp. black pepper (started with a half and added another), 1 tsp. salt (started with 1/2 and added another), 1 Tb lime juice, and 2-3 tbsp., hot sauce (add 2 then add one more if needed – check for texture and taste – not too runny or hot) and I added about 3 tbsp. of ranch dressing.  If using mayo, use about the same, maybe a tad more.  Yes, I know, I am not good at measurements.  I do everything visual.  I don’t usually use measuring utensils when I make it.

Stir all ingredients really well and if you are like me – bamex that baby till its smooth and thick, not chunky.

If it were up to me and I was eating this alone – I might also add in some cilantro to mine.  I LOVE cilantro.  The more the merrier.  But again, hubs doesn’t so I leave it out.  But for those who want to try it – do!!

IMG_2255   IMG_2257   IMG_2254

Now grab some chips and ENJOY!

20150504_232800_005    20150504_232739_017    20150504_232519

Also on our snack bar we had a few cupcakes – store bought of course.  You can save by making some at home – from scratch – or if you are like me – from a box. (always – what can I say – I am not a baker per say).  But I didn’t have time to make any from a box – and definitely not from scratch.  So I just grabbed a few from our local grocer.  And they were good!!  Don’t hesitate to use some local store bought treats for a quick get together.  You don’t always have to have homemade or store bought gourmet!  When getting together sometimes hitting the easy button is the way to go!  And not all store bought tastes store bought.  I have has some pretty good cakes and cupcakes from our local Walmart.  Really!

We also had some store bought iced sugar cookies – Lofthouse brand.  You know those kind that are soft and just fall apart.  These are yum and trouble makers in my house!  We got the key lime and the lemon flavored to go with our theme.  I haven’t tried the lime yet, but the lemon were delish!!  Highly recommend!

We also put out a few mini bowls of matching festive candy.  I had a mix of sour gummy bears in colorful array, a bowl of lemon sours, and a bowl of orange slices (one of my favorites!).  Can you see the theme? Sour sour sour!!

In the end, this was REALLY quick to throw together.  Not counting cutting out my paper goods, I threw this all together in about 30-45 minutes.  Mini party in a short amount of time.  And the cutting didn’t take that long and neither did the printing.  You can have a really fun FIESTA put together in no time at all.  And I have made it really simple for you by providing you with the décor.  Just click, save, print, and cut.  Easy easy!  And I just used some of my mini clothespins and hung it on some ribbon I already had.  You could use ribbon, or twine, or even birthday packaging string – whatever you have on hand!  Heck you could use dental floss  – but maybe not the mint kind (might throw off the smells of your yummies 😉


I just taped my toppers to some deco straws I cut in half.  But you could use lollipop sticks, craft sticks (like popsicle sticks) or even toothpicks.  Just taped them on from the back.  Or you can just cut and place into your cupcake or your cookie as seen here:


No need for lots of supplies – just use what you have.

The fiesta centerpiece was one I had leftover from a few years ago when we would do Taco Tuesdays at different houses (I miss that!).  And the flower picks are actually lei picks from my luau stash, but I thought they added a bit of flair and fun.  You could use whatever you might have on hand that is bright and colorful and might fit into your theme.  I couldn’t find my mini sombreros or my big one.  So I will have to include that one next year!  I can’t wait.  Looking forward to celebrating with you next Cinco de Mayo!  Hope you and yours have a fun, fabulous, FESTIVE FIESTA filled day!

God Bless you!


20150504_232906 20150504_232857

20150504_232439 20150504_232429


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