Throwback Thursday – Monster Party – Monster High / Monster Truck

Throwback Thursday – Monster Party – Monster High / Monster Truck

What do you do when you have siblings whose birthdays are close, they share their party and one wants a Monster High and the other wants a Monster truck theme?  …. Make it a MONSTER PARTY!!


For this party we just split the theme right down the middle and called it a “monster” party.

The party was held at a local park / splash pad….in the middle of July.  Needless to say it is hot by 10 am so a lot of the sweets can get a little sticky.  But, we managed keeping most of the sweets to just candies that wouldn’t melt as easy.  And also by keeping the melt-ables under the covered gazebo, we kept the stickiness at bay.

The Monster High Theme:

For the girls’ side we did a Monster High theme with the emphasis on Frankie Stein.  The graphics sported a monster high inspired plaid, hot pink striped print, bright purple stripe print, the monster high chain background, turquoise chevron, the diamond plaid – all for backgrounds of the wraps, coffin shaped muffin/cupcake toppers, straw toppers, and banner pieces.  There was also scroll framed toppers and name banner.  The toppers, wraps, & banners were also accented by the Monster High characters.   The napkin wraps and toppers all had bits of tulle accents.  We had a Monster high centerpiece with character picks and the monster high logo and birthday girls name.

IMG_2989 IMG_2988IMG_2985IMG_2983 IMG_2982IMG_2942

For the Monster High treats there were:  Lagoona’s goldfish, Mini baubles (sixlets), Rockin Razzles, Large baubles (gumballs), Ghoul-aid punch, Monster high themed skull chocolate pops, monster pet gummies. We also had monster muffins instead of cupcakes since it was so early in the morning. We also had the always tasty and BEST kettlecorn you can find – Gameday Popcorn in Jenks – in our lovely matching themed popcorn cones.

IMG_2971IMG_2978IMG_2940IMG_2938IMG_2935 IMG_2934IMG_2924IMG_2926IMG_2940

For the Monster High favors we had:

Fearleader poms – these were made from $1 store pink and black trash bags that I cut into strips and then my oldest daughter used some of her punk rock skull duct tape to wrap around the end and form a handle.  These turned out pretty cute although I do not have a closeup of the actual poms.  My oldest also made the girls each hair bows to match in the punk rock duct tape.  They had monster high lip gloss, and mini Monster high Journal books (blank insides) that can be purchased via custom request from my shop.  There were also wax fangs and glow in the dark fangs.  And lastly, to put all of these goodies, there was my Frankie Stein inspired purse favor box.  The printable for this can be purchased via custom request from my store.

IMG_2970 IMG_2969IMG_2961IMG_2962 IMG_2959 IMG_2960  IMG_2946

We also had a “Claw” painting station And also a makeup station where the girls could get their nails painted, their hair streaked with chalk, and their faces painted as their favorite characters design.  Each girl was able to take home their own bottle of nail polish and their own hair chalk kit.

IMG_2937  IMG_2936

IMG_9194 IMG_2994

The Monster Truck Theme.

The background to our graphics sported a diamond plate with mud splattered background.  They also had purple lightning shooting across a black background.  I designed a monster truck inspired by Grave Digger – the birthday boy’s favorite!  There was a centerpiece with the birthday boys name on a riveted triangle sign and a birthday jam sign (inspired by the Monster jam logo).  There were also traffic cones and signal picks along with a grave digger inspired pick.  The toppers were made of the lightning graphic and monster truck, tires, signals, and traffic cones. The banners sported the diamond plating and lightning with distorted graphic letters, and a riveted triangle name banner.  The food tents were one of my favorite parts of this party.  I made mini traffic cone food card holders with mini riveted triangle food card signs.  We also had party welcome signs in the same background.  And we sported checkered flags hanging around.

IMG_2990IMG_2984IMG_2931IMG_2951 IMG_2950


For the Monster High Food / Treats:

We had “Gravel” – sixlets, Nuts and bolts = pretzels and nuts, Spare tires = chocolate donuts, Dip sticks = Fun dip packs, Monster truck sugar cookies, Crush soda with a sign “Keep Calm, Crush On”, Grave digger inspired straw toppers, Gas and Oil signs on our clear soda and sweet tea, Dirt Cups = crushed oreos and pudding cups, Grave digger inspired lollipops, and black and green gumballs. We also had Green colored “apple” flavored popcorn as our “monster corn” from the awesome popcorn shop Gameday Popcorn in Jenks, OK that we showed off in our really cool traffic cone popcorn cones – another one of my favorites!!

IMG_2974 IMG_2973

IMG_2943 IMG_2941 IMG_2939

IMG_2930 IMG_2933 IMG_2932

IMG_2929 IMG_2928  IMG_2926 IMG_2925 IMG_2972IMG_2981

For the Monster Truck Favors:

We had plastic checkered flags, Tire yo-yo’s, monster truck tattoos, personalized pit passes – all of which were boxed to go in our Monster truck inspired favor box printables – available in our store by custom request.  Lastly, we had mini ramps with monster trucks.  These were made by my AWESOME and most handsome husband, Shawn.  He is really great!  Not only does he allow me to go nuts over parties – he HELPS me!! When I mentioned I wanted to get the boys each their own little monster truck, he said he’d also build them each their own ramp to go with it!  And he did!  My dad (who is also quite awesome!) helped him by cutting down some pieces of scrap wood.  My husband then stirred up a “concoction” of puddy / clay mix to form some play mud ramps for each side of the wood ramp.  These were a hit at the party! The boys were so excited to get their very own truck and ramp – and they also each got a handful of cars to “ramp” over.

IMG_2968 IMG_2966 IMG_2965IMG_2955IMG_2953IMG_2956

The setup wasn’t exactly as planned since we had to take a smaller shelter than was planned.  But with the help of a friend of the client, we were able to secure some extra tables to lay out the goodies and favors.  We had quite the spread – running over three different tables and a patch of ground!  The kids enjoyed it all and had a blast running around the playground and splash pad.

IMG_2987 IMG_2986IMG_2979IMG_2976 IMG_2975IMG_2970 IMG_2969IMG_2921

Vendor Credits:

Party Printables – toppers, wraps, cones, banners, centerpiece prints, favor boxes – Water Walker Events – Design – Planning (shop for online party goods)

Green, Yellow, red plates, black cups, Nail polish – Dollar Tree

Monster Truck napkins, Monster High Napkins, Monster High Plates, gumballs, Black chandelier and black candelabras, yo’yo’s, tattoos, glow in dark plastic fangs, checkered flags, plastic traffic cones, green lanyards – Oriental Trading Company.

Mini Chocolates, Monster truck toys, mini toy cars, goldfish, pretzels & nut mix, pink cookies – Walmart

Pudding cups, monster truck cookies, poms, ramps, pit pass, bows, mini journals  – Water Walker (facebook)

Cake – Client’s friend of the family

Lip gloss – Avon

Wax fangs, facepaint, hairchalk – Amazon

Monster Truck sucker pops – Custom Candy Creations

Razzles, Sixlets, Gummies – Party City

Straws – Shindiggety Shoppe


Here are a few pieces of watermarked art for up close and personal viewing.  Printables can be requested by custom request via my store online.


Monster truck thank you tags PREVIEW Monster truck cupcake toppers PREVIEW 2 Monster truck cupcake toppers PREVIEW 1 Monster High thank you cards  PREVIEW Monster truck banner PREVIEW Monster high PERSONALIZED cupcake topper sample Monster high name banner PREVIEW Monster high happy birthday banner preview 2


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