Frozen Sister’s Sweet Celebration – Let it Go!

Frozen Sister’s Sweet Celebration – Let it Go!

Photography by: Amber of Parrish Studios

8795 8861


For our party , instead of a sweets table, we had a sweets “room”.  We held the party in our formal dining room.  And although my daughter loves Elsa the most (as most little girls), I had to let the heroine of the film, Anna, shine in our party as well.  So the room was to have both princesses and their décor mirroring one another, yet with Elsa still taking the main stage.  The main sweets table was done in Elsa décor: snowflakes, ice, blues, turquoises, and whites.  I wanted a softness and fragileness about her table that represents snow, snowflakes, and Elsa.

Frozen elsa party table 8848


8796 8810


8835 8797


8834 8833


8980 8964

Elsa’s sweets table included cupcakes, glittering chocolate dipped snowflake oreos, blue and white gumballs, blue and white sixlets, kettlecorn in snowflake popcorn boxes, dipped snowflake pretzel rods, dipped rice krispy treats with Elsa dress toppers and snow friend toppers (Olaf, Sven & Trolls – love experts).  There were large round ice sugar cookies made for us by the wonderful Maddie of Gameday Popcorn for a mission trip fundraiser.  The cookies were inlaid with beautifully framed Elsa picture edible toppers from Debau-Cakery.  Cake pops, snowflake mini bite cookies, Olaf sucker pops, and even an ice entangled Sven carrying a sled full of Icicle pops (rock candy pops).  We also had Gameday Popcorn designed popcorn treat boxes.

Centered on the opposite wall mirroring Elsa’s sweets table, was Anna’s mini sweets cabinet.  With Anna’s vibrant personality, I knew I wanted a table to match.  And I knew bringing in the colors of Anna’s brightly colored dress would do just that.  The sweets cabinet was backed with an Anna dress inspired backdrop.  The sweets cabinet also included dipped krispy pops in Anna colors, pink sixlets, Kristoff ice blocks (blue sparkling cider jello square cups),  blue gumballs, kettlecorn in Anna inspired popcorn boxes with Gameday Popcorn ‘s yummy kettlecorn, cupcakes with Anna inspired toppers and wraps, and also cupcakes in snow friends (olaf, sven, & troll/love experts) wraps and toppers.  The table also held some mini chocolates in the snow friends theme wraps, water bottles also sporting the snow friends themed water bottle wraps, and mini Anna inspired party favor boxes.  The Paper Straws – Multipack “Ice Queen” Chevron & striped turquoise & silver Straws –  were from Dandelion Design Studio.  The striped, solid, dotted pink straws, mini clothespins for banners – The Shindiggity Shoppe. The Snowflake patterned straws were from Found Somewhere in Time.


Anna table 2 Frozen anna treats


Anna setup 1 8934


8933 8930


8928 8900


8899 8898


8859 8858


8840 8837


8805 8804


The party cake rested on a table of its own centered between the two princess’ sweets table.  The cake sat upon a snow sled ensconced with Olaf in the driver’s seat.  The table was also laid out with cupcakes in the Elsa’s snowflake themed toppers and wraps, and Elsa inspired dress toppers as well.  Above the cake table hung decorative balls of white, blue, silver and turquoise.

Frozen cake table Frozen cake table 2 cupcake wrap


8962 8926


8856 8855


8854 8836




The children’s party table settings each held an Anna and an Elsa inspired centerpieces.  The girls table setting centerpieces had Anna and Elsa as their main pick.  The boys Frozen Sisters’ Sweet Celebration table sported Olaf and Sven as the centerpieces’ representatives.  On the party tables each place setting was laid out with Elsa and Anna partyware. Every other place setting would feature a different princess.  Each setting also held a handmade paper crafted tiara, handcrafted snowflake wand, matching place setting (Anna or Elsa) inspired dress favor box. The boys table had Olaf, Troll (love expert) or Sven favor boxes at each setting along with handmade paper crafted ax picks – since the girls each received wands.  The boys also each received a reindeer head piece in lieu of a crown.  The settings also were enhanced with color matching napkins, wraps with bling ribbon embellished forks, and party drink bottles with matching wraps, straws and flags. The drinking bottles were from Swanky Party Box.


8811 8812


8831 8830


8826 8825


8823 8821


8818 8817


8814 8813


8921 8920


8919 8918


8914 Frozen party boys setting


Anna place setting Anna drink bottle



The living room fireplace was decked out with snowflakes, snow and ice balls (lanterns), and name banner.  The kitchenette held a “Do you want to build a snowman” area where we had a tub setup with fake snow made of shaving cream and corn starch.  The kids played Frozen bingo, do you want to build a snowman, and pin the nose on Olaf.


8939 8936

8935 Playing in snow



For party favors, the kids took home the small Elsa and Anna inspired mini treat boxes filled up with goodies from the tables.  They also were each given a “grow your own snowflake” in a jar and their Elsa and Anna and Olaf, Sven or Troll party boxes at their place settings.  The girls boxes were filled with Frozen tattoos, handmade ice necklace, & Frozen ring. The boys boxes contained “troll slime” a bouncy ball and tattoos.  The kids each also took their wands & tiaras or antlers & ax picks.  And a beautifully wrapped chocolate dipped oreo from Sparklesbaby.


Frozen necklace favor Frozen necklace favors


Frozen wands Frozen wands 2 frozen tiaras


8813 8838 Antlers & ice pick


8914 8958 Oreo cookies


We also had a special party visitor who came and read the kids a story – Queen Elsa herself!



Party Styled by:  Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Party printables: Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Photography by: Amber of Parrish Studios

Kettlecorn & Large round sugar cookies for the Elsa framed toppers: Gameday Popcorn, Candy, & Collectibles

Glittering chocolate covered snowflake oreos – Sparklesbaby

Blue& White gumballs, Blue, white and pink sixlets, White and Turquoise paper ball lanterns – Oriental Trading Company

Edible Elsa framed cookie toppers – Debau Cakery –

Cake pops, mini bite sized snowflake cookies, and cake – Cookiedoodle

Cupcakes – Countrymart (local bakery)

Dipped pretzel rods & Krispy pops – Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

Edible snowflake toppers for the pretzels – Sweet Edibles

Olaf Pops – Dollar General easter aisle (local)

Anna inspired dress backdrop – Digital Prints Plus

Glass Cloches, Crystal bead garland (entangled on Sven) – Save on Crafts

Tablecloths and runners – Tablecloths factory

Snowflake wands, Ax picks, Crowns & Reindeer Headpieces – Water Walker Events – Design – Planning

White Ruffled backdrops (shower curtain), Anna, Elsa, & Sven stuffed dolls, &Tissue paper snowflakes –

Snowflake straws – Found Somewhere in Time –

Paper Straws – Multipack “Ice Queen” Chevron & striped turquoise & silver Straws – Dandelion Design Studio

Striped, solid, dotted pink straws, mini clothespins for banners – The Shindiggity Shoppe

Anna & Elsa plates and solid pink plates, pink and turquoise forks, white and black napkins –

Centerpiece florals – Old Time Pottery (local after Christmas sale)

Bling sticky ribbon for forks – Michaels –

Solid turquoise plates, rock candy sticks – Party

White and Blue glitter Snowflakes for topper to Elsa backdrop – Hobby Lobby –

Frozen Bingo Game – Sweet and Salty Sisters

Plastic Drinking Bottles – Swanky Party Box –


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