Throwback Thursday -Minecraft Party – Creepers Gonna Creep!

Throwback Thursday -Minecraft Party – Creepers Gonna Creep!


This party was held at a local community center in the next town.  Again, I have held parties at a few different community centers – however, this is one where I will never return.  We reserved the room for 4 hours.  However, the kids running the center opened up late and put our setup later – which of course then threw off the timing of the party.  Then about 45 minutes from the time we were “up” on time, the kids came and stood at the door of the party and GLARED at us as if willing us with their minds to GET OUT!  It was very obvious and very very rude.  However, being that it was my own son’s party, I was able to kindly ask the guests (my sweet friends and family) to help gather up, cleanup, and load up.  And we did – with a few minutes to spare.  They still continued to glare and were not even a little bit friendly.  I shall not name the place, but I will say, I will never ever rent that place again.  Their sister community center – which I shall name, Neinhuis Park Community Center in Broken Arrow, OK  – was super friendly and were not overly concerned with “pushing” us out when we last held a party there. And they go by the exact same policies, procedures and rules.  This goes to show how important good staffing is!  OK, rant over, back to the party!

This party was a lot of fun to put together.  Mainly because my son is SO in love with minecraft and it is so popular right now.  The décor is pretty simple – squares. Squares everywhere.  And although it has been done many times before, I just had to do the creeper face sweets table background.  It is just too fun!

I have to admit that my oldest daughter played a HUGE part in helping me accomplish this party.  She taped all of my pre-cut square papers together to make the creeper face background.  She also taped and glued pre-printed sheets of colored squares on all of my square boxed animal props.  We had a minecraft cow, pig, sheep, wolf, and even a few trees – and lots and lots and lots of mini boxes.  We had over 150 mini boxes that we placed all over the room – sort of like easter eggs.  Inside those little boxes were “red stones”, “emeralds”, “gold”, “diamonds”, “coal” & empty boxes.  These boxes played a huge part in the game that we played once everyone got to the party.  I also taped printed out papers to cover boxes to add height, design, and serving purposes for our sweets table.

The Game:

We sat everyone down and explained the game.  They must all run and punch a tree where inside I had taped strips of printed paper that represented “planks”.  When you got your plank you brought it back to the crafting table (where I had all the exchanges, supplies, etc.) and exchanged it for your “shelter” (I brought several broke down boxes that were flat and the kids took them and sat them around the room as their “shelter”.  The next step for the kids who had gotten their shelter was to go grab some “wool” (cotton off our sheep prop) and get another “plank” and come back to the crafting table and trade it for a “bed” (printed out minecraft bed pictures) for their shelters.  Then they had to run back and grab another piece of wood and come back and trade it for a pick ax (just a plain printout allowing them to go “mine”).  You had to do this in all these stages.  You could not grab several pieces of wood at once – you had to go in the order of the steps. I had taped several pieces of wood “plank” throughout several of the trees.  Once they were punched – you could grab a piece but leave the others behind for someone else or for your next trip to get wood. Once you had your pickaxe and were allowed to “mine” –  you were allowed to go around the room and start opening up the mini boxes searching for the items you needed.  If you found something you already had, then you were to put it back, close the box, and put it back down.  In order to get a “torch” for your house you needed to find a piece of coal and get a piece of wood.  Once you had secured those items you could go to the crafting table and receive your torch to go “hang” or place in your house.  If you had a torch in your house, you could go to your house for security from the nighttime mobs (minecraft monsters).  If you wanted to receive a diamond sword – you had to find a diamond in a box and also go get a piece of wood and bring back to get your diamond sword.  Having a sword meant you could fight off the mobs as well.  All the while the kids are gathering and mining, there are different minecraft monsters waiting to attack (aka my husband and brother).  During the day they were spiders and creepers.  The kids could fight these off if they had their swords.  But if they were caught, they had to give up one of their three heart stickers (they were each given three at the beginning of the game – stickers stuck on them).  After they had a sticker taken they could procede with the game as long as they still had more hearts.  The kids were also to find “emeralds” in the boxes.  They were to hold onto these to exchange for “food” when the game ended.  The game ended once all of the kids had completed all of their tasks or had lost the game by losing all of their stickers.  Those who lost all their stickers were to have been given all of the items at the end of the game anyway.  But we didn’t have any of them who lost anyway!!

IMG_9392IMG_9377 IMG_9376IMG_3020IMG_3017

The Food:

The kids then brought their emeralds back and we then served lunch and sweets.  The food and sweets were all representative of minecraft foods: pork chops, baked potatoes, mini pumpkin pies, apples, coal (rice krispie treats), cookies, cake, watermelon, & watermelon suckers, square dirt cups, TnT (pop rocks), gold (hersheys nuggets), red stones (cherry sours), more TnT (twizzlers with wraps), bread, water, carrots, “sticks” (pretzels), “fish” (goldfish), and cooked chicken (KFC).  We also had cupcakes.

IMG_9385 IMG_9384 IMG_9383 IMG_9382 IMG_9381 IMG_9386IMG_3024 IMG_3023IMG_9389 IMG_9388 IMG_9387IMG_9390IMG_9391

The Pinata:

Because we ran out of time in the party room (run off by the party room gestapo), we let the kids each take turns kicking our piñata outside.  I truly hated to even break apart the piñata – he was so cute!  We had a leftover dragon piñata that never got broke from my eldest daughters princess party (from 7 years previous – yes, it pays sometimes to hoard).  He was green.  Not at all like the purple eyed squared dragon with wings named the Enderdragon.  However, my oldest went to work painting, and painting, and painting him black.  She and her brother then glued on all the black square cardstock tabs to give him his squarish scaly look.  They also glued on purple eyes.  Lastly, I printed out a pre-designed (not by me) graphic of his wings.  We trimmed it out and glued skewers to the back for stability and then stabbed them into the sides and secured with lots of hot glue.  I am terribly sad because the only picture we got of him was extremely blurry – but I am posting it here anyways, because he was so cute!!


The Printables:

As for party printables, I designed the birthday and name banners, the cupcake toppers and square wraps, the straw toppers, plate decals, napkin wraps, Tnt pop rock sleeves, food tents, Tnt licorice wraps, and party masks.  These of course were inspired by the actual characters and game.  Most are very similar, but were setup by myself.  The other printables were free online graphics or printables.

IMG_9422 IMG_9421 IMG_9420 IMG_9419IMG_9379 IMG_9378banner pic

The cake and cupcakes were made by our local Walmart. The printables were designed by me but inspired of course by the Minecraft game. Candy was from Walmart, party city, and oriental trading company. The rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc for our “mining stones” were jeweled beads from oriental trading. The boxes for all of the props (table boxes, animals, trees, etc.) were from the ½ price box store in Tulsa. Plates were from oriental trading – vinyl appliques for plates were done by my shop. The mini boxes for the “mining” were a free printable found online.  The diamond swords were printables I made and then glued to foam board and cut out.  The torches were free printables from online which I printed on cardstock, glued together and inserted a battery operated tealight at top.

I also made green gak slime and put into small containers that I got 4 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Vendor Credits:

Printables – cupcake toppers and wraps, masks, banners, food tents, vinyl, napkin wraps, were done by myself – Shawna Fisher – Water Walker Events – I am not an affiliate of minecraft. I do not lay claim to or ownership of any of the minecraft characters. They remain the right of their respective owners. The images were used by me for my personal use for this party. Design work or payment for any type of this work would be for my own time – not for any right to or ownership of any characters.  I would not be selling the characters – only my time in personalizing these printed paper goods.  The rights to these characters remains with the respective owners.

Cake and Cupcakes, Twizzlers, Hershey nuggets, Cherry Sours, cookies, water bottles, carrots, apples, pretzels, watermelon, goldfish – Walmart

Jeweled Beads, Plates, Gumballs, sixlets, green twizzlers,  – Oriental Trading

Boxes – ½ Price Boxes of Tulsa

Vinyl plate and cup stickers – Water Walker

Mini box printables – free printables online

Diamond sword favors – Water Walker

Torches – Free printables online

Green Slime – Water Walker

Diamond sucker candies – A Pocketful Sweets

Square plastic cups for dirt cups, watermelon suckers, rock candy suckers – Party City

Green striped straws – Shindiggity Shoppe

Some of the Free Online Printables can be found on my minecraft Pinterest board here.  Links may be broken.

Green containers, slime containers, green cups, green and black utensils, black napkins – Dollar Tree

And cooked chicken – Kentucky Fried Chicken


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