Do Others Have a Gift You Wish You Had?

Today I have a guest contributor.  My sister, Tracy Robbins, blogs at  She’s featuring my design business, Water Walker Events – Design – Planning, this week in her discussion about gifts and talents that God graced us with.  Below is an excerpt of her blog post.  She discusses the event planning and styling of my niece’s movie party this past weekend.  For more pictures of her movie theme / party decorations, you can visit my Instagram page. (@waterwalkerevents) or my faceboook page.

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Do Others Have a Gift You Wish You Had?

By Tracy Robbins

I didn’t get the creative genes gift in my family, at least not when it comes to decorating, crafting, sewing, etc.  My mom and my sister Shawna probably possess the creative prowess in these areas of a hundred people.  Not me.  Nope.  Give me something to write, teach or stick me in front of a crowd of people to speak any day!  But put me in a room of kids to pull off a birthday party, and I’m toast.  That is utter torture to me.

Thank goodness my kids have their aunt and grandma!  Without them my kids’ birthdays would consist of some really sad decorations (or none at all), maybe a really ugly but yummy cake (I can cook even if it doesn’t look pretty), maybe a few family members over to our house (or better yet a restaurant, that way I don’t have to clean up after everyone), and probably some pretty cool presents (I AM really good at shopping 🙂 ).  I guess I’m somewhat of a minimalist.  I typically like to keep things simple—probably more because I’m not very good at the creative stuff.  It’s not one of my gifts or talents.  I am so very thankful that God made us so that our gifts complement one another.

I’ve learned that that keeping things simple is not all bad.  I’ve also learned that my kids can have the really cool birthday parties, and it’s STILL simple.  It’s simple because I’ve learned the art of delegation.  I simply delegate those tasks that I’m not good at or that seem torturous to me to others who actually enjoy doing them and are quite good at them to boot.  In other words, it’s their gift to do those tasks that I despise.

Take this past weekend for example.  It was my daughter’s 8th birthday.  We went to a local movie theater to have her party and watch the movie “Home” (which was quite good by the way).  Thanks to my AWESOME sister, I was able to just show up with the cake, presents and birthday girl.  My sister handled the rest.  It was pretty amazing.  She had the party room decorated in just a matter of time with some of the cutest customized movie-themed decorations that you just can’t buy at Walmart or a party store.

Movie party table for online pic 2

The ideas that she had and the party décor she created were incredible.  This isn’t the first time she’s done it either.  In the past couple of years we’ve had a Duck Dynasty party, a Pet Shop party, a Nerf Wars party, and a Farm party, all that she’s designed and planned for my kids.  I’m telling you that girl is a graphic-arts genius (inherited from my mom who is also a graphic arts genius)!  It’s one gift of her many gifts that God has graced her with.  She’s very humble about it and will tell you she’s not a genius, but she most absolutely is.

I think that’s the thing about our gifts and talents…sometimes we don’t realize that we truly have a gift in one or more areas because it may seem to come so naturally to us.  We think, “Ah, that’s easy.  Anyone can do that.”  I honestly didn’t realize that I was good at teaching until several people pointed it out time after time.  I mistakenly thought, “Anybody can explain things in a way others can understand them.  It’s not that hard.”  I also thought public speaking was fairly easy and that it should be that easy for everyone.  That is until I taught college classes where several times almost half the class would opt to take a zero grade on a class presentation simply because they didn’t want to get up and speak in front of people!  I’m thinking, “What’s the big deal?  It’s so easy!”  However, for many it’s not.  It’s a gift that God has given me, and that’s why it is easier for me.  Just like designing parties, decorations, invitations, game ideas, etc. is easy for my sister but is such a chore and dreaded task for me.

To read the rest of this post visit the original post page here.


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