My very first post!!

So I have decided to start blogging.  I am not sure I will be any good at this, but hey, I am doing it!!  I am so proud of myself because I was beginning to start feeling “old” when I was asking my teenager to help me figure out Instagram.  Change is truly painful at times.  However, I love all things party, and am ready to share this with the world!!  I will probably be sharing some old parties (throwbacks I guess you could say, just not always – and maybe never – on Thursdays).  Some of them are pretty sad when compared to “other” styled parties.  And that’s ok – I did what I had with what I had.  And I’m not afraid of my roots – however ugly they may seem.  (They weren’t ugly by the way – my kids ALWAYS had a blast so I say they were top-notch parties!)

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…” – Zechariah 4:10

This is one of my motto’s.  I have many.  In fact I have this great book made up of them by my favorite author who made it all up for me!

I am a party planning mama who is building her business and dream of being a small event / children’s party planner with the focus on children’s parties.  To begin with I will post my “about me” here just to give an upfront idea.  And PLEASE!! bear with me as I learn this process.  All of this is very new and very scary to me.

My name is Shawna Fisher and I am a working wife and mom to a family that I adore. I love being creative and finding ways to use the talents and gifts that God has placed in my heart. I also love being able to use these talents to benefit my family as well as bring joy to the heart of others.  I have always loved birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Any time to celebrate the life that we have been given, should be celebrated with style, creativity and lots of fun! In my spare time, I enjoy creating items to do just that. My children inspire a lot of what I do. I love to create unique and special invitations and birthday items for them. I love them and they are so special to me that it overflows into using my creative “juices” to show them just how much.

My style of creating reflects some of the new trends, but I am also sometimes a little quirky and don’t always fit the current “style”.  But I find it very important to not only make the table look “happy” but to keep the focus on what the day is about: my kids (or celebrant) and making them happy!  I am learning all the time, and I know I always will be.  But that’s ok because it keeps me growing!

The focus of my gift and love of parties is mainly my kids.  But it comes from God.  God has gifted me with a love to hostess, and shower love and fun and celebration on those around me.  My blog, business, talk, etc. will always radiate Him and what He gives to me.  I believe all good things come from Him.  So please understand that He will be mentioned here on my blog.  A lot.  And always.  If you don’t like that – well – you don’t have to read my blog!!  And I will have no problem censoring anything against Him.  This is my blog – my site – my place to share Him and all that He gifts me with.  I thank you in advance for your understanding of this.  This statement will also be posted on my about page and anywhere else it needs to be placed.  As soon as I find it.  And figure it out.  Hehe, this is going to be an interesting process.  But here we go…

I hope you enjoy my blog, my website, my products, and my services!!


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